How Much Is Your Allowance?

Updated on July 15, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My husband and I are redoing our budget and we want to give ourselves an allowance for fun stuff that we don't have to run by the other. We're thinking $100/month. I'm just curious what other couples do in terms of allowances -- do you have one? How much is it? Happy Friday :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks! Nice to know what other people do. The $100 would be for fun stuff -- not for gas, groceries, kid stuff, etc. This way, we can spend on non-necessities without feeling guilty :)

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answers from San Antonio on

I get $150 every two weeks to do with as I please. It's directly deposited into a separate account at a separate bank. I don't typically go "blow" money, so I have a nice little nest egg built up. Hubby has access to the account but has never used it.

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answers from Seattle on

My husband and I each get $100 every 2 weeks.

Out of that money comes all
- entertainment
- clothing purchases
- lunches (or dinners) out
- hair appointments (or other salon appts)
- girls' night/ boys' night
- books
- music
- personal electronics (laptops, cameras, etc.)
- musical instruments
- etc.

AKA ANYTHING personal / not for the family comes out of that $100 every 2 weeks. It's not enough, but it's what we can afford. It was a rather rude wakeup for my husband who kept getting ON me about how much I spent on groceries for 2 weeks, when, come to find he was spending more than that purely on buying lunches for himself at work, and twice to four times that on going out to the bar after work, and then clothes purchases, parking fees, music gear... he was spending almost 10x our grocery budget on his personal stuff... but was complaining that we spent too much money on groceries, and wanted to know why I never bought new clothes and was tired of seeing me wear jeans with holes. Ummm... because every cent I HAD was in trying to keep food in the fridge and lightbulbs in sockets and oil in the car?

$200 a month per person for personal expenditures isn't nearly enough to get what either of us WANT, but it's enough to get what we need. And when we go out, we can treat the other person, or we can go dutch.

<grin> And it's a LOT better than the days when it was $50 per month, per person!!!

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answers from Redding on

We dont do an "allowance". I have the check book. I buy what we need and what I want within reason. He has his ATM card and cash and gets what he wants or needs within reason.
How do you decide what goes on the list of things you have to buy from this allowance?

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answers from Provo on

We each get $100 every 2 weeks allowance. The allowance is used for gas, haircuts, eating out, dates, clothes, and fun. Since gas is so expensive, it leaves me with about $100 a month fun money.

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answers from Dallas on

We typically do $100/month for 'blow money' as well. Usually works great!

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answers from San Francisco on

At the moment we are on a tight budget so I try to spend as little as possible,80 euros per month.
B. k

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answers from Dallas on

We don't do allowance. We both work for the company we own and when we want to go buy something, we go do it.

Granted, we are not the overspending blowing $ type

I might spend about $100 a month when I get something new such as a shirt, some makeup or something like that during the month. I am not a big shopper so my hubby is lucky in that regard!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm more like T.F. budgeted allowance but we're responsible with our money and get what we need/want!

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answers from San Antonio on

I want an allowance!!!!

Honestly, I could go to target and spend a few bucks or buy something I need if need be. But my husband and I are both budget-conscious and we don't spend a lot of money except for gas, groceries, and stuff for our new house.

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answers from Cleveland on

mine is $60 per month, it does not include gas, but it does include anything i would do with the kids, which doesn't end up being much, it is supposed to cover hair cuts which i usually stretch out as long as i can, by trimming myslef. I really need to document where it goes because I don't eat out, don't grab a pack of gum, don't do coffee runs, but some how it's gone and I have to ask hubby for extra cash to get a gift for the end of the month birthday invite that came out of now where.

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answers from Houston on

Mine used to be officially $50 and it was good, but more is better!! $100 sounds great. These days we just run what we want by the other, but we need to do our budget again too....

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answers from Chicago on

Yeah, it's 100 for us :)



answers from New York on

No allowances here. Hubby and I each purchase what we need, and if I want to take the kids out for lunch ocassionally, then that's what we do. We both use credit cards so we can see each other's purchases.

However, if your relationship is such that you each need to have a montly allotment, I think $20 to $25 a week is a good amount.



answers from Austin on

I am a full-time nursing student so my fiance doesnt make me work so that I can focus on school and caring for our 2 yr old as much as I possibly can. He gives me $150/week for gas, which costs me $65/week, half the groceries, and if I have any money left I save it. But I usually dont have much left :/ considering Im older than him (he just turned 24 and Im about to be 26, it feels kind of weird having an allowance. Yikes! But I am looking for a part time job so that I dont feel too dependent on him! I am blessed to have such a wonderful man though!

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