Earning Allowance: Tween

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11 Year Old Allowance and Chores

F.P. asks from Phoenix

I will have an 11 year old daughter in a few days and was wondering what are appropriate chores? She's an only child and a very helpful one at that. She currently hel...



T.C. asks from Hickory

At what age did you start allowance with your kids? and how much?



L.R. asks from Allentown

What is a reasonable allowance for a 14 girl who only lives with us half the week and does no chores?



D.C. asks from Washington DC

How much allowance should I give my children and should I make them earn it? They are ages 14 and 11.



D.P. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 9 and 10 year old. Do you give an allowance? And if so, how much? Do you think it is a good thing, and why? If you do not give it, why? I never got an allow...


12 Year Old Boys...

J.E. asks from Los Angeles

My girlfriend has a 12 year old boy that is truly driving her nuts. I give as good of advice as I can, but really I raised girls, Im sure its different. Her son, has ...



A.E. asks from Salt Lake City

Do you tie your child's allowance to extra chores or responsibilities or do they just automatically get a certain amount each week. Also do you expect your child to...



S.W. asks from St. Louis

So, my husband and I are taking this wonderful class at our church called Parenting on Purpose and we have learned a lot of great stuff and gotten great ideas. One o...



J.H. asks from Grand Rapids

Can't find posting for Allowance questions but I am sure it's been asked before. Last school year I tried the concept of NOT tying chores to an allowance. I asked ...



R.C. asks from Los Angeles

At what age did you start giving your children an allowance, frequency, how much and were there certain expectations from the child? My oldest is in 2nd grade and an...