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Infant Ecema

K.C. asks from Detroit

Hi! My son is 7 months old and has infant ecema. His dr. gave him cortisone cream and told me to only use a small amt. on a small area each day. I've heard that it...


Cradle Cap

A.K. asks from Detroit

Does anyone have suggestions on what to do for cradle cap? We had been using a liquid that's called Cradle Cap Care. However it doesn't seem to do anything and it rea...


Need Help with Daughter That Has Pierced Ear Infection

B.R. asks from Saginaw

My daughter got her ears pierced one year ago and we've had trouble with infection ever since. We continue to clean them with the solution that was provided by the st...


Good Acne Medicine for a 12 Year Old.

S. asks from Denver

My 12 year old son is starting to get acne here and there. Nothing bad but would like to get him starting to use something to keep his face clean before it really hi...


How Do I Battle a Stubborn Spaghetti Stain!!

B.S. asks from Tampa

Hi moms. My stain treating arsenal is well stocked and I've tried everything to get a sauce stain off a shirt. I tried soaking in oxy clean and hot water overnight, a...


Overnight Diaper Leaks

A.H. asks from Dayton

Does anyone have any good tips for overnight diapers for my 3 month old? Now that she is sleeping through the night, we have wet clothes every morning. It is coming...


Bad Breath

C.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Everyone! I've had a problem with halitosis (bad breath) for years. I'm never without gum, mints, or breath fresheners, but those don't seem to help. I brush ...


Advice on Cloth Diapers

K.G. asks from Chicago

Can anyone recommend a good cloth diaper that does not require pins? I just tried switching to cloth but I'm afriad of sticking my baby with the pins because he kicks...


Colors Bled on New Shirt, How Do I Get the Stain Out?

J.H. asks from Detroit

Hi! My husband bought a ringer style tee-shirt for our 5 month old, and after washing it in Dreft prior to wear it, the dark green of the ringer bled all over the wh...


Seeking Great Bathroom Deorderizer

M.C. asks from Detroit

My request is strange-I have a 12 y/o son, husband and I watch 3 boys (10, 6, and 3 potty training)-my bathroom smells like an outhouse!!! Yes I clean it constantly-I...