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Cleaning a Dry Erase Board

K.M. asks from Dallas

I recently got an Easel for my son and used Melissa and Doug Dry Erase Markers on the dry erase side and they won't come off? Has anyone had this happen? What can I...


Toddler Chore Chart

B.W. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pre-made chore chart for a toddler? I just got laid off so instead of going to grandma’s everyday my 3 almost 4 year old an...


Help w/Chore List

A.K. asks from Houston

I need help with making a chore list for my 8 1/2 yr old son. He is responsible for getting himself up and ready for school and making his bed everyday. He has to kee...


Simplifying Things

J.G. asks from Chicago

Hubby and I were to move last year, but with the house market what it is, we are trapped in our small starter home. My biggest problem is that I homeschool and I don'...


Chart for Chores

Y.K. asks from New York

I'm looking for a Chores chart for my 4 yo To help her with her daily tasks and simple responsibilties . Something simple to understand and fun for her. Thank you for...


Please Share... Chore/incentive/rewards Charts & Ideas

S.E. asks from Phoenix

I really want to start some kind of incentive chart for my 3 & 4 yo sons. I don't want it to only have chores on there like cleaning their room, keeping their trucks ...


More Potty Training Tips?

C.M. asks from St. Louis

My 2.5 year old daughter has been in underwear for 2 weeks now (mostly). She had her first dry day all day at daycare on Friday and pooped in the potty this weekend. ...


Needing Suggestions and Advice for Make a Wish Trip to Walt Disney World

E.B. asks from Amarillo

My oldest daughter who will be 7.5 years old at the time we leave on this trip is getting a Make a wish trip from our home town in Texas to Disney World in Florida. ...


What Occupies Your Young Children the Best

R.S. asks from Chicago

I am 33 weeks pregnant and, in thinking ahead to the days when I am in the hospital and my husband will be in charge of our four year old daughter and two year old so...


Sticker Charts

J.G. asks from Rockford

Mostly just curious here, but at what age did any of you momma's start using sticker charts? what did you use them for, like chores or training? And did they work?