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Updated on February 10, 2007
V.D. asks from Bradner, OH
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Hello. We bought our son who is 16 months old a cream colored suede child recliner chair for Christmas. Now of course, I should of never bought this color, but we wanted to get him one so badly that we of course waited too long and got this one. And there were no tags on this chair at all. My son has gotten stains on this chair and it looks pretty bad. I have NO idea how to clean the chair properly, does anyone have any suggestions how to clean this? Thank you so much!!

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answers from Cleveland on

What kind of stains are they? When my son was 2 he got blue permanent marker on my new suede couch and I didn't know what to do I went online and put the question on and it came up with a few things. Then I called my mother-in-law and she told me to use rubbing alcohol. So I used the rubbing alcohol and I also used (believe it or not) baby wipes and it took a while but it did end up coming off. One tip though don't rub a lot mostly blot. Let me know if you get it off.

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answers from Wheeling on

The safest bet is to start with a slightly damp paste of baking soda and water... scrub it into the stained areas and let it sit.

The spritz it with a little vinegar (just plain white is fine) and water (use a 50/50 solution) it'll fizz like a carpet cleaner and allow you to blot and scrub the stains with a towel.

This works for almost everything in my house from furniture to carpets to kids clothing...

However, you might want to test it first on a small area in a less visible spot (like near the bottom in the back or between the cushion and arm.)

This takes a little elbow grease and more than one application, but it does work well- you should see results almost immediately.

And yes, the vinegar smell will fade in a couple of minutes.

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answers from Cleveland on

Hi , there is a chemical that I use called SWone the company is in Michigan and they have a yahoo group.. It takes out everything.. good luch L.



answers from Toledo on

Hello V.. We have a Suede couch, and I use a foam spray called tuff stuff. We have kids and they are always getting something on the couch. It takes out everything. You just spray the foam on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. You may have to repeat it again to some of the stubborn stains or ones that have been there for awhile. You can get it at Wal-Mart, it is in the automotive section with the carpet and upholstry cleaners. Good Luck! C.



answers from Lima on

This is going to sound really stupid, but it worked on our recliner, Car Upholstry and Carpet Cleaner... The "wet" kind that you spray on rub in and let dry. You may also want to try a steam cleaner if you have one. My daughter is dangerous with any juice that has a Good Luck!



answers from Toledo on

Hi V.. I have no idea how to clean the recylener, but I would love to be able to help you out. I would suggest covering the chair for future spills. My grandma uses large towels adn then she can just throw them into the washer when they get dirty. Best of luck!



answers from Columbus on

try mixing oxy-clean with water more water than the cleaner spray a very little on the area....and a small brush...that might work....and then a towel to help dry it up...or i know that they have boot cleaner for suede that might work well too it has a brush type thing on the might find it at wal-mart in the shoe department


answers from Cleveland on

This might be a long shot, but why not try making or creating some sort of slip cover of his favorite character or making one of those fleece-fringe-tie blankets to throw over it. I'm sure anyone who works at a craft store could show you how.

Just a thought, since it'll probably continue to get dirty!



answers from Dayton on

My two favorite cleaners that I always have on hand are Zout and Oxy clean. After you get the chair cleaned, I would spray it with some scotch guard, that stuff is great. We have a very light colored beige living room suite and we have used scotch guard on every piece we have never had anything stain!

Hope this works! Good luck



answers from Cleveland on

Hi my name is B. I just got new furniture beginning of summer it is like suede material i use non chemical cleaners in my home and i used the one on my couch kids spilled pop on it dogs got something on it came right out if you are interested in finding out more give me a call ###-###-#### or e-mail me good luck



answers from Cleveland on

I read some of the responses and DO NOT DO ANY OF THEM! They will ruin the recliner. My father has been a drycleaner for over 50 yrs and you need to take it in to the cleaners and have them clean it by hand. Of course I will recommend my dad at Marshalls Drycleaners in Ravenna ###-###-#### they will tell you to bring it in and ask for Bill to look at it. I recommend comming during the day so he can look at it...He is the drycleaner. I repeat don't touch it with anything! If you do you can set the stains in the fabric and ruin it.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hello V.. Try white vinegar and water. Are you sure it's suede? It may be Ultra suede which will be much easier to get stains and odors out. If it is suede you may have to look for a suede cleaner(Kiwi for shoes). Good luck, I hope you get the stains out. If you do, don't forget to waterproof and stainproof it(3M).

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