I Am Diabetic and Have a Splinter or Something in My Foot. Does Epsom Salt Work

Updated on October 07, 2015
C.D. asks from San Diego, CA
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to draw it out. anyone know?

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So What Happened?

donot know just noticed it today. but I know something is there.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Could you educate some of us as to why it would matter if you are diabetic? I honestly do not know and I'm starting to hear about more and more people being diagnosed with it.

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answers from Dallas on

Since you are diabetic, it is worth your time to have your Dr. check it out.
Why try home remedies when all you have to do is run to the Dr. and get it fixed.
It is a known fact that diabetics do not need to mess with issues on their limbs on their own, unless of course you are ok with losing your foot.

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answers from Boston on

Diabetics often have circulatory issues in their extremities, and those who have neuropathy can have altered feeling in the feet. Also, the use of salts can change the ratios of fluids in your body. Wounds often don't heal properly. So I do think you should put in a call to your doctor and ask there - you might not need an office visit, but someone familiar with your insulin use, A1Cs and so on ought to be consulted. Maybe you don't need to call for every splinter, but you should for the first - you also need to be sure it's a splinter and not something else since your sensations can be unreliable. Good for you for asking before trying it - but I think you should make a free phone call to your PCP rather than ask us.

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answers from Boston on

Some education for Sadie H. If you are a diabetic wounds sometimes don't heal well or correctly. The chances of infection are higher and the infections can turn life threatening pretty fast. Any wound for a diabetic person needs to be taken seriously and watched for signs of infection.

OP I would give it a try but wouldn't let it stay in too long. You might want to give your doctor's office a call and get their take on it just to keep them in the loop.

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answers from Washington DC on

Call your doctor now. You don't even sound sure that it is a splinter for certain, so it could be something else, even a nerve issue. As a diabetic you should always, always take any concerns about your feet and legs to your doctor immediately rather than trying to treat yourself. Pick up the phone and I hope they can see you today; if they can't, insist that they see you tomorrow, and meanwhile as the doctor's office what to do until they do examine you.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Soaking your foot in a very warm Epsom salt bath may help. Then I would apply this OTC medicine you can get at any drug store. http://www.cvs.com/shop/health-medicine/first-aid/antibio...

However, I don't think I would mess around with my feet if I were diabetic. Go to the doctor. (Even if you get it out, you could still end up with an infection which would obviously not be good.).

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answers from Norfolk on

If you weren't diabetic it, it would be worth a try.
Since you are diabetic - have a doctor look at it and remove it.
It's not worth the possible infections/complications with dealing with it yourself.


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answers from Seattle on

Too many unknowns here....how advanced is your diabetes? how is the overall health of your lower extremities?

If you have relatively good health and proper management of your diabetes, then yes, by all means try to pull the splinter out with a gentle soak. Epsom salts are naturally diuretic though, so this will change the fluid levels in your feet. If you have any health concerns whatsoever about your feet, caused by diabetes, then you should always seek professional assistance.

And I'm so sorry you have to take such extra precautions for such a simple problem for most. It must be a bit exhausting having to manage minor medical issues as more major ones. But ultimately, you know the long term and negative consequences of not caring properly for your extremities.

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answers from Amarillo on

To Sadie H and others. A diabetic person's body has the immune system compromised and it does not heal the same way or rate of a person who does not have diabetes. Small punctures from needles or wooden splinters in the body become infected quite quickly.

Anything to do with a person's feet is serious as the feet hold you up and the feet are in closer contact with the ground and bacteria from personal sweating and moisture. These all make it easier to become infected. Blood circulation can take the compromised blood and infect the entire system (systemic shock syndrome) and strong antibiotics must be used. I am not a doctor but have been around people with diabetes friends and family members my whole life.

In fact I am visiting a person now that had to have two two amputated due to a small spot on a toe that turned to gangrene and the doctors wanted to take her foot off and up half her leg to keep her healthy. So far she has her foot but is in rehab while she heals. But there is still the possibility that she may lose her foot in the future.

So be safe than sorry.

the other S.

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answers from Washington DC on

can't hurt to try, right?

ETA, after reading the other responses, yeah, since you're a diabetic, just go to the doc.



answers from St. Louis on

I am quite sure your instruction from your doctor is to not pick at your feet. Obviously, the splinter is unintentional, but it is a form of picking and can cause infection.

Call the doc.


answers from Springfield on

you can certainly try it as long as you have made an appt with your dr to make sure everything goes well with the removal. and that the whole splinter comes out and no infection gets in.

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