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Seeking a Good Marriage Family Therapist

M.B. asks from Portland

I have been really stressed with my hubby lately and recently had our worst fight ever. I am worried about getting past this stage. We have enchanged words and some n...


Postpartum Physical Therapist on Northside or Evanston

H.J. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am experiencing bad lower back pain and am looking for a physical therapist who knows about postpartum abdominal issues. I live in Andersonville. I had a c...


Any Good Counselor to Resolve Partnership/Work Conflict in Los Angeles Area??

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, Thankfully me & my husband have great relationship that I do not need to seek for a marriage counselor! Instead, I am experiencing conflicts among my business...


Seeking Spinal Specialist and New Physical Therapist

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

I was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disk that was causing nerve and muscle damage. The spinal specialist to whom my doc sent me was adamant that I need surgery ...


42 Year Old Looking for a Counselor to Help with Middle Age Issues in Esteem.

K.B. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone know a good counselor to help with middle age issues. I have lost some of myself and am feeling inadequate.


Seeking Good Marriage Counselor in Broadripple,midtown,86th St. Indianapolis, In

P.H. asks from Indianapolis

My husband and I have been going through rough times. We have 2 small children and I am a stay at home mom. He works constantly and we are now having lots of troubl...


Seeking Good Marriage Counselor in Troy/Sterling Heights Area

D.S. asks from Detroit

My marriage has been off track for some time. I've pulled away from my husband for a number of reasons, mostly because I don't like how much he drinks and I don't lik...


Looking for a Good Marriage/family Counselor in New Hope Area

K.V. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies, I am hoping someone can offer a suggetion or two about a therapist I can call, or maybe someone who can relate to some of what I'm going through. I am a ...


Can a HS Guidance Counselor File a Restraining Order on Behalf of a Student

M.L. asks from New York

In New York City, a public high school student was hit by another student in the same school. The school guidance counselor filed a restraining order against the aggr...


Help! Preteen Years -Need Counselor? Discipline Advice?

H.B. asks from Minneapolis

Okay anyone have any reccommendations for a good family/teen counselor for 12 year boy. He is very intelligent and not applying his knowledge in school. 7th grade h...