A Marriage Therapist / Counselor in SPANISH

Updated on November 20, 2009
A.M. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
4 answers

Dear Moms,
I'm going thru a bumpy phase with my hubby and will like to ask you to recommend me a good marriage counselor or therapist but it has to be in SPANISH since that is our first language. I live in Plantation.

Please it's important that you recommend it only if you know that person is good. It will work better if it's only a neighbor that you know and don't know how she/he works. I really want things to get better!

The money right now it's also an issue so if you know of any institution that has these services will be greatly appreaciated.
Thanks in advance!

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answers from Miami on

Hi A.,

I have been happily married for soon to be 8 years now. But along the way, just like everyone else we hit some bumps too. Here's so helpful tips.........seek counsel from your church it's usually free and nothing better to get your marriage back on track then the good Lord who made the institution. If your not hooked up with any church or you don't find help at yours then I would recommend Calvary Chapel.......there is one right in Plantation! Otherwise there is one in Ft. Lauderdale and they absolutely have marraige counseling for free, they even have womens counseling for you to go alone if need be. i think they even have a specail class that runs called divorce care.....it's for any marriage in trouble before, during or after.
Also you might want to check out the movie fireproof some night.....you can rent it at Blockbuster. make it a date night with your husband and the two of you watch it together
I hope this is of some help to you and i pray for God to restore your marriage and help you two to fall deeper in love.
God Bless,

PS they have Spanish couselors too!



answers from Miami on

Dr. Linda King at Weston Psych center. She is awesome.



answers from Miami on

Le voy a contar lo que yo hice en su situacion. Yo queria divorciarme, creia que ya no queria mi esposo. Me puse a pensar porque temia traumatisar a mis hijos (dos)y eso me controlo y me hiso rezar y pedirle a Dios q por favor me haga amar a mi esposo. Pense que mi esposo era un hombre bueno, trajabador,generoso y que me queria mucho. Me daba mucha lastima herirlo. Me fije que la majoria de los hombres son mujeriegos y se cansan pronto de cualquier mujer. En fin no tome ese paso de separarme y hoy dia soy la mujer mas feliz del mundo. Tal parece que Dios nos bendice cuando nos sacreficamos por el bien estar de otros.

Que Dios bendiga a su hogar.
Dolore P.



answers from Miami on

Have you heard that Nova Southeastern offers counseling services to the community? I believe they charge on a sliding scale and I bet you can request someone who speaks Spanish. Here's a link to their website:


Good luck!

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