Recommendations for a Good Marriage Counselor

Updated on November 15, 2007
M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good marriage counselor? Preferably one that works on a sliding scale? Our insurance doesn't cover couples counseling. If someone doesn't want to post a public reply, please send it to my e-mail. Thanks for all your help.

[email protected]

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I too have used a Family Therapist at 1300 W. Belmont. Irene Anderson. She was awesome and really helped us to communicate better. ###-###-####
Good luck.



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Do you work? The reason I ask is cause some employers offer an Employee Assistance Program where you can call and get referrals from clinicians. Also, another benefit is that they usually are on a 6:1 or 3:1 model meaning that the first sessions are paid for by the employer.
Another source might be through your local church. When my husband and I needed some help our pastor recommended someone "from the church" (not sure how he was affiliated other than maybe a known counselor) and he was able to work with us on the fees.
Lastly, I did see someone in Oak Park named Connie Pfiffner when I was having some post partum issues and I saw lots of couples meeting with her so maybe she is good with couples too (?). I loved her. If something was to go on with me and hubby I would definitely go back.
Good luck and keep us posted.



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I'd highly recommend The Family Institute in Evanston. They're affiliated with Northwester and highly regarded. I'm sure they have other locations besides Evanston. I'm a clinical social worker and I'm familiar with their work.



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Marta Lunday, PH.d at 1300 W. Belmont is great. I would also check with her about a 'code' number that insurance companies need to have in order to cover couples counseling. If you just call your insurance provider and ask if they cover it, they will say no...this code, which most people don't know about, changes the situation. I cannot remember the code off hand, but Marta should have it(I think it is 90847 though) try calling your insurance and see if anything comes up.

Email Marta at [email protected]

Best of luck!
p.s. I'm pretty sure she'll work on a sliding scale if the code does not work for you

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