I Need Help Finding a Child Psychologist or Counselor

Updated on August 03, 2008
W.P. asks from Arlington, TX
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Once again I am sending out a call for help. Ya'll have helped me so much before and I know you will again.

I need help finding a child psychologist or counselor for my nephew. His parents are going through a bad break up (again) and he needs help dealing with it. He is 5 years old and was strong willed even before things in the home went south. Money is defiantly an issue right now but he needs help now. I'm not sure about the status of insurance. If they have any on him it would be through the father, and I wouldn't be surprised if he cut them off as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest a free or low cost service? Or a Doctor that helped a child you know through some tough times? He will be moving to the south Arlington area but we are willing to take him wherever the best help is.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me in getting him some help.

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Talk to your sister and have her contact her husbands HR Manager. I use to be a HR Manager and until the divorce papers say that he does not have to carry insurance on the children, he wil have to leave them on. Usually the only way insurance can be changed is in a life changing situation lie a birth, death, divorce, etc. and there has to be legal paperwork. As for the psychologist ot counselor call 211 from a landline and tell them what you are looking for, they have tons of resources. Also, Lena Pope is a great contact for him and if she needs legal help the number to West Texas Legal Aid is ###-###-####.

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Anne Chester in Ft. Worth is great! I think her website is...



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When my son was young, he went through some counseling. All of it was set up by the elementary school he attended. I hardly made any money and it was all very inexpensive. Please have your family contact your nephew's school and see if you can work it through those channels. The child's school administrators are a wealth of information! The counselor my child saw was a very highly recommended person with many degrees. She and my son worked well together. Good luck!

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