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My Baby Bag's Blown Up

Argh! So I'm out for summer and I can't get a handle of this baby bag. Every weekend when we go out it's my job to pack the kid's stuff. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pajamas, toys, hats. Of course, many a times the clothes don't get used, dirty clothes get put in, clothes get left in the car after changing. It just seems like after every month we're pulling out at least a laundry basket of clothes, toys, etc. out of the car and diaper bag (both dirty and clean) and making a laundry load out of it. Does anyone have a organization tip,...

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New Baby on the Way... What Do I Need?

I am due in May and am getting ready to start stocking my house with stuff for baby. We have an eight year old son but I feel that it has been so long since I have done the baby thing that I forget the necessities and I am sure they have come out with cool new stuff. So I was hoping to get some feedback on the essentials I need and new products you loved.