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Your Definition of Bullying and What Do You Tell Your Kids?

V.T. asks from Washington DC

Have we gone to far with what we classify as bullying? Is simply being mean bullying? Personally, I think bullying is an unrelenting attack on an individual. But ...


As a Parent, What Are You Doing to Combat the Issue of Bullying?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

Bullying is a major issue these days. Kids are ending their lives because of it. Bullying has always been the issue I feel the most strongly about and I have vigorous...


Bullying: Please Help Me Understand

A.B. asks from Louisville

This is long, sorry! I was bullied relentlessly as a child. It started in elementary school literally when I got my first pair of glasses and continued throughout mid...


Need Help with Kindergarten Bully

V.F. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommas, I have a dilemma. There is a boy in my son's class who is constantly hitting/punching my son hard for no reason at all. I've talked to other moms in my so...


Preschool Bullying

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms, I have a 3.5 year old son and when I take him to co-op preschool I notice that he gets bullied sometimes. He is active, mellow, kind, but tends to be very...


After School Bully

S.S. asks from Houston

My nine daughter is have a problem with a after school bully.On the walk home this other little girl and her sidekicks have a need hit and kick her. I have talked to ...


How to Address Bullying

A.A. asks from Dallas

I have a general question for all parents in regards to bullying. What is the best way to deal with bullying in school and how supportive would you be of your child? ...


What Do You Do When Your 14-Year-old Daughter Is Being Bullied by Several Kids

D.S. asks from Rochester

My daughter Madeline is a great kid wouldn't harm a fly but is being bullied and picked on by several kids including people that call themselves her friends and she s...


Any Advice for Mom of Bully

J.L. asks from Seattle

My four year old son is a bully,he hits kicks,spits and namecalling.He's had a good childhood and really no excuse for this behavior.I've tryed timeout and the effect...


The Group of Bully's Is on the New Team.

T. asks from Minneapolis

My son (7y.o.) has had an issue with a couple of boys at school picking on him and bullying him. I have made a request to the school that next year the "ringleader" n...