Bed rest: Preschooler, Teddy Bears

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3 Year Old in Mom & Dad's Bed Every Night

B.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Our 3 year old daughter has been coming into our bed every night. She is not afraid & has no real reason to be there. It is making us lose sleep terribly. Looking ...


Is My 4 Year Old Immature?? What Is Maturitiy in a 4 Year Old?

L.O. asks from Detroit

My son is 4. With a June birthday. so he is 4 1/2. He seems very immature for his age. He used to be able to get dressed.. but now can't seems to manage any of hi...


4 Year Old Waking up at Night

C.E. asks from Dallas

When my son was a toddler he used to sleep 11-12 hours straight. We had a bit of a challenging time when he transitioned to the regular bed; however for the past twel...


Scared to Sleep in Own Bed

M.F. asks from Madison

Please don't judge me until you have been there. My 11 year daughter will not sleep in her bed anymore. She's the only child left at home. 1 year ago we stayed in a...


"Seeking Advice on Moving My Two Year Old to Her Own Bed"

N.S. asks from San Diego

I could sure use some advice and would really love to hear from those of you who have tried a family bed and then transitioned a toddler to a big bed. My daughter is...


Help Stop Breatst Feeding and Get 8 Month Out of the Bed!

L.T. asks from Norfolk

Love my baby girl and have no problem leting her sleep in our bed. My man has not complained at all. But I know he is not really happy with it. It is just that I can ...


Help with Sleeping Through the Night Please

J.W. asks from Medford

I have a 15 month old & a 3 year old that share a room. My 3 year old is in a toddler bed & can get out. My 3 year old will wake about 2 times a night & will need me...


What to Get for Son's Preschool Teacher Who's Husband Just Died.

S.C. asks from Dallas

My son's preschool teacher's husband died suddenly on Thursday. My heart is broken for her and her kids. What should I send to her for her loss? Flowers, a card or...


Growing Pains ?? Help!

B.H. asks from Detroit

Hi I have a few questions on one issue I am having with my 4 year old son. Maybe someone has had this experience and has some appreciated advice for me! Alright her...


Sleep Sharing

J.H. asks from Washington DC

I have been sleeping in the bed with my 2 3/4 year old since birth (bad idea) and now it is time to move out of there. My being there is hindering her rest now, beca...