On Bed Rest and Bored....

Updated on September 06, 2012
D.G. asks from Houston, TX
16 answers

I've been on bed rest for a week, only have a few more weeks to go but I'm bored bored bored.

What can I do on the couch besides read, surf on my iPad, and watch tv? Please help i need some more ideas!

Kids are in school all day so I'm home alone. I actually was on bed rest for a month last pregnancy to keep my pressures down ( and avoid hospital bed rest). I wasn't bored then since at the time I had a toddler to take care of!

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answers from St. Louis on

I always did craft stuff like quilting and cross stitch when I was pregnant. Not only did I end up with pretty things for the baby but it gave me something to do besides eat.

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answers from Minneapolis on

organize photo/baby books, or upload to shutterfly and make photo books!

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answers from Minneapolis on

You could laugh your butt off by going to http://dontevenreply.com

That site is pretty hilarious. I usually have tears running down my cheeks when I'm reading that.

Is there a language that you have always wanted to learn? There are websites that will teach you for free.

You could write my paper for me. That would be fun! *Hopeful stare*

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answers from Seattle on

Here are a few ideas of things to do while stuck on bed rest:
write poetry
write a story
write your biography
listen to music
learn about a new culture
learn sign language
come up with what recipes you would like for right after your little one is born

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answers from Minneapolis on

Do you have any friends or relatives who can stop by to talk or bring you lunch? I was on bed rest 16 years ago so I didn't have a lot of the technology and social media that exists now, but I caught up on movies I hadn't seen or old classics. I used family-sized soup cans to do bicep curls (laying down) so that my arm muscles didn't get too weak. You could also just have your husband get you some cheap hand weights. Keep a journal? Brain games like Sudoku or cross word puzzles? A jigsaw puzzle. Play board or card games when the kids get home from school.

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answers from San Antonio on

Invite a friend to come over and play card games with you.

Surf the web for new recipe ideas

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answers from New York on

My thing, during 5 weeks of bed rest, was to teach myself a skill. I learned two calligraphy alphabets, which is pretty dorky I guess, but I really needed to be learning something new. I've also heard of people knitting, or making something for the new baby. Anything to feel productive.

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answers from New York on

Get Netflix and watch all those series you always wanted to but never got a chance to. I was not on bed rest, but recently was left without a job and was bored yet had no desire to do anything, so I watched all the seasons of Np/Tuck. I also found that busying your hands helps......knit, crochet, embroider. Believe it or not, you can also color! Borrow some crayons and coloring books from your kids. Get a 200 piece puzzle and spend time on it daily. Chew gum while you do all these things, it really works on the boredom and anxiety one can build from doing nothing. Good Luck!

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answers from Charlotte on

I SO understand, D.. I was on bedrest from 24 weeks til my son was born at 37 weeks.

One thing I did was redo my address book. I learned that tip from another mother who was on bedrest. Someone went out and bought her the type that has rings and you write on removeable slips of paper and put them in alphabetical order. That way, when you want to add one, it's easier. You can use the front and back to put in email addresses, their kids' birthdays, etc. I know that some people do this on their computers, but I like my address book for things like Christmas cards and that kind of thing.

So that's an idea. Did you ever get around to doing a baby scrapbook book for your older child? If you didn't, you could get your husband to pull out your stuff so that you can be laying on the bed beside it, and put together or finish you scrapbook.

You could work on pictures as well.

Keep drinking your water and lay on your left side when you can. Good luck and hope that all goes well for you with an easy delivery!




answers from Dallas on

Are there any social or church groups or parent groups that you are involved with? Put out the word that you are at home on bed rest and would love a visit to help break up your day! You could also spend your time researching the next vacation you want to take - so you have all the info you need to make plans for your next trip!


answers from Norfolk on

World of Warcraft?
The week will fly by.



answers from Austin on

Have you discoverd Pinterest? It can get addicting.

I agree with sorting photos. When I was on bed rest after surgery, I wish someone would have reminded me about all my unsorted photos.

Do you have aging relatives/friends that could use a phone call?




answers from Victoria on

my mil painted wood ornaments while pregnant with my husband. we still have them and hang them on our tree every year. she wasnt a artist and it was simple paint by number deal but they are so cute. she has passed away now and its a special thing we have from her.

get crafty!



answers from New York on

hi sorry to hear that but u could take up knittting , blogging skpe , start making christmas cards , or invent craft progets for the kids, or ask some of your friends to come over, play computer game , play the llaystation or x box there is so many ideas ou there hope this helps



answers from Houston on

Do you do any crafts? You don't have to be skilled at something to do scrap-booking, preparing things for the new baby when it arrives. Things like writing down family stories and backgrounds for all the children can be done on a computer, - and happy memories that you share with the next generation could possibly help lower blood pressure and boost your mood overall.



answers from Pittsburgh on

WHen I was recuperating from a surgery I watched entire tv series. Get a Roku and you can find a ton. The very best was Downton Abbey-its addicting!! I also did a marathon True Blood viewing once and it was SO good also. 24 is good too. As well as Madmen. Its just so nice to be able tow watch episode after episode.

IF not that you can take an online course. THere is a site you can go to with college lectures from top schools around the country and you can participate for free.

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