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Any Ideas for Re-occuring Bed Wetting

R.B. asks from Detroit

My 5 year old son has started bed wetting again after almost a year of rare occurences. I think it's because he's starting kindergarten this week, and is very excite...


16 Month Old Still on Bottle

T.R. asks from Indianapolis

I know, many of you may say I am a bad mom, but I put oatmeal and baby food in my son's milk. He is 16 months old and still HAS to have 7oz Milk, 1 jar 2nd Baby food ...


Guilt over Son's Premature Birth

L.L. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, I'm new to this site and in need of an honest opinion about my son's birth. My son was born a few months ago and he was born at 31 weeks and I feel lik...


Any Relief for a Coughing Baby?

A.N. asks from Cleveland

Hi Everyone, My 18-month-old daughter has a cold and coughed all night long last night, so we're all miserable. I used to give her some Tylenol Cough and Cold for ...


Sleep Issue with Almost 3Yr Old

K.S. asks from Detroit

My Daughter will be three in a couple weeks, she has always been a good sleeper since she was born. She is in a twin bed (daybed actually)and has been out of a crib f...


13 Month Old Wakes up with Soaked Diaper and Wet Pajamas Almost Every Morning!

A.G. asks from Cincinnati

My 13 month old is waking up almost every morning - sometimes too early - wet from the top of his diaper up his stomach. His diaper is completely soaked, too. We we...


Help---silly Putty

A.K. asks from Lansing

So my d.s. decided to go to bed with his silly putty and it has melted on his jammies, bedding, and comforter. I think he rolled just about everywhere in his bed last...


Son Traumatized??

E.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My son is 2 1/2. About 4 weeks ago, we were getting ready to leave the house when one of my fire alarms started making a chirping noise (which means the b...


Help with My Daughter's Anxiety...

K.W. asks from Detroit

Hi Mom's I have a question about my daughter, she is 9 and she has this issue that has been going on since just before I had my son who is almost 5. A little history...


How Do I Get Rid of the Binky?

T.S. asks from Detroit

My son just turned 2 in December and I am being pressured by my father inlaw to get rid of the pacifire. The only thing is my son is always asking for it, but only f...