Bankruptcy: Myself

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S.B. asks from San Francisco

Have any of you ever filed bankruptcy, or considered it? If so, I am looking for opinions. My husband is self employed. He is a general contractor. He has had seve...


Bankruptcy and Divorce

J.L. asks from San Antonio

We are having a horrible time trying to sell our house. Our realtor is not helping or doing anything but sabotaging offer after offer. We are being forced into a shor...


Bankruptcy -- Your Experiences

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, My husband's employment industry has tanked over the last four years and we've drained our savings in order to make our mortgage, home equity loan and credit car...



L.L. asks from Orlando

Can anyone please reccomend a GOOD HONEST reputable bankruptcy attorney in the Orlando area? Thanks so much.



A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there, have any of you moms ever filed chapter 7 bankruptcy? If so do the trustee's or any creditors get to come into your home and take what they want to repay...



R.J. asks from Dallas

Any one knows a good bankruptcy lawyer in Keller or Fort Worth area? We've been struggling a lot with our bills lately because my husband lost his job and we're start...



M.G. asks from Des Moines

Since we recently moved, alot of stuff is catching up to us and we are being hit with all kinds of bills from up to 8 years ago, anyway long story short, I was wonder...



C.S. asks from New York

We are considering filing for Bankruptcy. We had a rough year in 2007. Now we have mounting bills. We ranked up quite the large electricity bill. The fees and interes...



M.P. asks from St. Louis

I have a good friend who in casual conversation one day, mentioned that they had not made their house payment in over 10 MONTHS! I was floored! I asked her how it h...



M.M. asks from Chicago

Long story short, we had an "income" property in the form of our first house that we had rented out the past two years. Our renters lost their jobs in January and we...