Filing Bankruptcy Where Do I Start?

Updated on December 27, 2006
A.D. asks from Omaha, NE
4 answers

Hey! Well I am needing to go ahead and start to file bankruptcy for our family, any advie or legal services yoru reccommend (or dont for that matter)? Thanks!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

We had to file bankruptcy over a year ago and used Turco Law on 90th & Center. This was before the new laws changed but we were very happy with the service. They will meet with you free and decide if you are eligible for 13 or 11 and then explain the cost and what you need to do next. The front office staff was very helpful also if I just called with a simple question. Ours cost was around $875 I think, but I know the cost did go up with the new laws because there is more work required now. Hope that helps.



answers from Omaha on

I would recommend contacting Pollak & Hicks Attorney. They specialize in bankruptcy. You go in and fill out a few forms to see what type you qualify for. They are very nice and helpful. Once you are able to give them a down payment they handle all collection calls from then on. Makes it a little less stressful. Good luck.



answers from Omaha on

Make sure you have everyone that you owe money to on the Bankruptcy. Then after it goes through you still need to keep an eye on your credit report. A lot of companies need their hands held in order to remove themselves from your report. My husband went through on shortly after we married and six years later we are still calling collection companies to get them off his credit report. We also found a few companies that didn't make it on the bankruptcy and the attorney was happy to send a letter to them. (Make sure you ask about that. Finding companies after the fact.)



answers from Omaha on

I filed it before bush passed all the new laws against it. Back then It was easy and I just went to we the people. Went flawlessly actually and was easy. My only recommendation was make certain you put everything on it! Double, Triple check. If you forget something you are going to have to pay that. That is my only advice. We The People was cheap as well, it was only i think 200 dollars plus all filing fees. So in the end maybe 300 dollars. And we have had no problems. Here we are after the fact and rebuilding our credit. Doing just great!

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