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Updated on April 10, 2010
R.J. asks from Keller, TX
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Any one knows a good bankruptcy lawyer in Keller or Fort Worth area? We've been struggling a lot with our bills lately because my husband lost his job and we're starting to think to consult a lawyer and see if we qualify for a Chapter 07. Thanks.

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Call Aimee at Haugen Law Firm, ###-###-####. She'll schedule you for a free consult and then you can make the best decision for your family. You can visit their website too for some information. Best Wishes!



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Contact the Keller Community Storehouse to see if they can help. I know they are a great place with a lot to offer. They recently received some federal grant money to help with people about to lose their homes. They have a food pantry, counseling, all kinds of stuff.

Also, Dave Ramsey is great. Alot of churches in the area run the classes. I know Alliance United Methodist Church does, but I'm not sure when the next class starts.


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Dave Ramsey!!! or on the radio or on itunes for free, there are a lot of local FPU classes some will let you take them for free if you need to, some will encourage you to send someone else through FPU (Financial Peace University) when you get back on your feet

bankruptcy isn't always the answer... Dave might say you don't have a bankruptcy problem you have an income crisis. He might also encourage you to read a book called "48 days to the work you love" to help you husband find a new job that he will be happy with.

best of luck in these hard times!



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Ted Machi & Associates comes highly recommended. Very well known. Most keep their house & vehicles. Stop struggling. The best thing you canl do. You need someone to legally protect you & your family. ###-###-####.



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If you ask a bankruptcy lawyer what you ought to do he will recommend bankruptcy, just as a surgeon will recommend surgery. Check out Dave Ramsey first. There are some things that aren't covered in bankruptcy and you might can avoid it. Go to his website or listen to him on 570am from 1-4pm on the radio. Just hate to see you go in to this blindly if there is another way. Good Luck.

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