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A.N. asks from Albuquerque

My second son has been a ball of fire ever since he opened his eyes , when he was three the doctor told me A. he is ADHD I laughed and said he is three what the heck...



J.T. asks from St. Louis

I have a 6 yr old son that is on medicine for ADHD and I was wondering if anyone knows of what else I should try with him. He see's a pediatrician and she is a wonder...



P.I. asks from Grand Rapids

I really do not want to put my daughter on ADHD medication but my mom and some others in the family cant handle her. What should i do. I have heard bad things that ...



M.M. asks from Spokane

My 12 yr old son was just diagnosed w/ADHD. I'm not sure how to handle this. The doctors haven't started him on any medicine yet. My husband and I are very unsure of ...



T.A. asks from Buffalo

My four year old son was diagnosed with ADHD at 2 I now have him a therapuetic preschool but that does not help him control himself at home. I have been wrestling wit...



S.B. asks from St. Louis

I have a 11 year old son that is in the 6th grade he has been diagnosed with ADHD for the last 8yrs. He has been on Aderal XR for a few years and recently has gotten ...



M.K. asks from Albuquerque

my son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD he is 4 years old and he was kicked out of his school (pre K) I am very upset but nothing that I can do. I need any adv...



K.J. asks from New Orleans

Is anyone else dealing w/ ADHD? My older boys were "diagnosed" 3 yrs ago (actually we decided only the eldest has it)And last yr we took them off the meds due to wei...


Add and Adhd

D.S. asks from Tulsa

can you explain these two to me? what are the symptoms? what is the difference? and how to handle one or both?? Thanks in advance for your help. ps if your going to b...



F.D. asks from Springfield

My Son is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is currently on medication for it but he is still getting into trouble at school. He just recently was su...