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Are You an ADD Mom with ADHD Kids

K.J. asks from Tampa

I am just wondering if there are any other mom's out there like me... I have been diagnosed with ADD and I have a son that has been diagnosed with ADHD for the last 9...


Add / Adhd Help!

M.P. asks from Sarasota

I need some information.. My boyfriend's ex just told him that their son (14) is going to start taking Concerta 30mg for ADD/ADHD He took this drug a few yrs ago and...


Curious About ADHD or ADD

R.L. asks from Shreveport

I know what ADHD and ADD stand for, but what exactly is it? I know that it is real, but I am a little skeptical about how many kids seem to be diagnosed with it. It...


ADHD Support

C.H. asks from Omaha

I will be going to my sons Ped. tomorrow to discuss the chance that he has ADHD ( i am almost positive that it will be a "he does" answer). I am scared to death. I d...


Moms of ADD and ADHD Children

V.L. asks from Seattle

Ok so my oldest son who is ADHD has an IEP with the school. Because of his IEP he has been put in Special Ed classes and I never have noticed that his regular teacher...



S.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I have my son on medication for his ADHD and I feel like a bad person because I'm medicated him for this. I've heard so many diffrent things about these meds and I'm ...



D.H. asks from Indianapolis

my daughter has adhd and we currently have her not on any meds. what are ways to get her to focus on her school work?



K.H. asks from Richmond

my 4 year old son was diagnosed by a psychologist with ADHD. My question is for mothers with children this age with ADHD. What do I do? Do I consider putting him on m...



P.M. asks from San Francisco

I think my 7 year old may have ADHD, and the doctor suggest medication but I don't want to do that can anyone recommend any other solutions. Thanks, ADHD Mom