Acting Up: Singulair

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What Has Been Your Experience with Singulair?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I heard that it can trigger mental issues in children. I have a history of mental illness in my family and am petrified of triggering a latent gene in my son but his...


Attitude Change for the Better After Changing Allergy Meds

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Moms, Just wondering if anyone has ever noticed their child acting 200% better after changing allergy meds. My daughter has dog, dust and seasonal allergies and ...


13 Year Old DD Feeling Tired for No Reason. Ideas?

H.G. asks from Lancaster

My 13 year old DD has been feeling tired for the past couple of weeks for what seems like no reason. A little background - she's been more active for maybe the last ...


This Has My Feathers Ruffled... EDITED

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son goes to preschool three 1/2 days per week. He also has a host of allergies - trees, grass, weeds, dust mites, cats, dogs, peanuts. He is also borderline a...


Side Effects of Asthma Medications?

J.S. asks from Chicago

My son has cough varient asthma. He has that aweful barking cough. He takes Zyrtek, Singular along with a control inhaler called Combivent, daily. He has been on the...



E.M. asks from Tampa

So my son was on singular until his allegist told me about the conterversy that has been going on. I have read mixed things about singular, some say it is a wonder dr...


My Wedding Date Falls on My Allergy Season

B.V. asks from Chicago

My wedding date falls on my allergy season. Is there anything I can do earlier in my allergy season which is from August-October to tame my allergies down? I don't w...


Dog Allergy

J.S. asks from Detroit

Ok moms and dads, I just found out that our young son is mildly allergic to dogs. We are debating our options. Have you been through this? What did you do? Did...


Constant Cough

D.M. asks from Albany

My son has a constant cough now for 2 weeks. Been to family doctor twice, treated him for asthma. Predisone, inhaler and antibotics. Nothing worked. Tried Robitus...


Asthma & Steroids

A.T. asks from Yuba City

Hello, I am seeking advice from other Mom's that have experience with young Children with Asthma. My son who was born with Asthma has been on Allergy medicine and (...