Attitude Change for the Better After Changing Allergy Meds

Updated on September 18, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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Hey Moms, Just wondering if anyone has ever noticed their child acting 200% better after changing allergy meds. My daughter has dog, dust and seasonal allergies and we have tried everything! All the OTC meds were making her very was like she was becoming mean. So that added the fact she is four was super difficult for me. Then we tried Allegra and same thing. Finally she is on Singulair and it's like she is a totally different person...opposite the the different person she was on the other meds. She is so sweet now, listens, is happy to help out and we have a lot less breakdowns....the list goes on and on. I'm wondering if she is this way because for the first time in a long time one of the medicines is actually working properly and she feels good. Anyone else had this happen? Not necessarily from being on Singulair (I know that all these meds have different effects on everyone) but any of the allergy meds after going from one to the next? Or is 4 1/2 the magic number???

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answers from Dallas on

Zyrtec turns my son into a Monster!! I mean a horrible uncontrollable Monster! I tried it twice during different periods of time and I had the same result both times. It was scary to see him turn into a whole different person.

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answers from Detroit on

I apologize for not having detailed information as to the names of meds, but a friend of mine has had a similar experience with her daughter who is also 4 1/2. The little girl keeps breaking out with hives and multiple specialists, allergy testing, elimination diets, and other tests have not determined the cause. All they can do for now is keep her on antihistamines. Her mom has noticed some work well, but some turn her into a pint-sized psycho.

My mom once told me that when I was little, I once was put on some kind of cold medication that contained an antihistamine and it made me crazy!

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answers from Austin on

My son took Rhinocort Aqua in kindergarten, and it improved his behavior a lot. (His behavior with no meds was consistently bad) The teachers could tell which days we forgot to give it to him. It did not completely control the allergy symptoms, though. Then my insurance stopped covering it, and none of the other ones he tried had the same effect.

My son does have Aspergers/ADHD. I wondered if the allergy meds were breaking down into ritalin-type chemicals on the body, but I wasn't able to find any scientific evidence of that.

You can call the drug companies to let them know the side effects that your child experienced. If enough people do that, I think they have to update the warning labels.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Zyrtec does that to my allergic kids. Makes them into little monsters. My son's on Allegra now for his seasonal allergies and it works much better for him. Strange, isn't it, how meds affect kids differently?

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answers from Boston on

they all effect kids differently. One of my kids is knocked out by benedryl the other turns into the hulk my youngest takes his zyrtec at night bc it makes him sleepy while zyrtec does nothing for my oldest he takes claritin instead where claritin does a number to me. I did however find that we get the best relief from flonase. My oldest takes singulair to help control his asthma it does not do much for his allergies. One thing to watch for while on this is that it can effect her ability to focus.

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answers from Medford on

I know that allergy medicines are sometimes prescribed for anxiety (I'm not making this up), so perhaps that has something to do with it?

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