Acting Up: Simplicity

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How to Correct Bad Behaviors

L.V. asks from Las Vegas

My boys are pretty hyper, defiant, whiny, rough with each other, tattle tellers, and they cry for every little thing.I don't know what else to do. We are moving into...


Need Some Advice Here!

L.F. asks from Los Angeles

ok to make a long story short I am married with three children, 17 1/2, 9 and 7. in the last month my 17 yr old (who is from my previous marriage...but has always liv...


I've Been Told My 5 Year Old Daughter Needs Counseling

L.M. asks from Hartford

My daughter started kindergarten last fall. During both parent/teacher conferences I've been told to take her to go see a psychologist or counselor. She has terrible ...


Follow up to Earlier Question: Teaching Gratitude

K.U. asks from Detroit

I had posted earlier about my 4 year old DD flipping out at the mall today over a toy - picking one out, then changing her mind, then wanting both, and me not giving ...


5 Yr. Old with Hyperactivity Problem

R.W. asks from Albany

Hi ladies, this is the first post for me. Does anyone have a child with a hyperactivity problem? My daughter is the youngest in her kindergarden class(sept. birthda...


Whos House Is It Anyways?

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have a very important question: My husband and I have been married for almost 6 yrs this coming October. The house is in his name only since i was the one to move i...


Fight over Holiday Schedule

K.C. asks from Boise

Hi ladies, I am in need of your advise. I will try and not make so long. So as in previous posts, I am in a blended family. My husband has a daughter from previous ma...


Dream/nightmare Interpretation

A.K. asks from New York

Hi, Last night I had an awful dream involving my daughter. So awful that I really don't want to even say what it was, but I guess I kind of have to. I dreamt t...



L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

What ways do you *simplify* your life? (any or all realms ~ relationships, household, duties, spirit, kids, etc.) I love the idea of living simply ~ or simplifyin...


Too Much Texting

C.G. asks from Kansas City

My 13 year old 7th grader cant stop texting! He would text 24/7 if he could stay up that long. I dont think it is healthy to be in constant contact with anyone as muc...