Acting Up: Princess

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Princess Stereotypes

L.R. asks from San Francisco

Our 3yo daughter has recieved lots of princess dress hand me downs over the past year from older friends that outgrew them. We took the princess stuff in - her frien...


"My Princess Boy" and "What Would You Do"...

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a little girl (two actually) that are 1/2 princess, 1/2 tomboy. My 3 y/o has an iron man mask, pirate costumes, police costumes, as well as princess and fairy ...


What to Do About Lazy Teen

S.M. asks from St. Louis

My 15 year old daughter is very smart, but very lazy. She does poorly in any class that requires homework. (I have even sat with her and gotten her started on project...


Why Is My 6 Year Old Soooo Defiant?

K.H. asks from Wausau

All right, here's the thing, my 6 year old daughter's dad called me yesterday telling me she was cought in school trying to cut her hair, she's done this outside of s...


Bad Attitude "Nothing's Ever Fun!"

S.L. asks from Boise

My husband is terribly pessimistic. I used to think it was his way of being funny, but, well, turns out he's serious. He complains constantly, too. It seems to be ge...


9 Year Old Boy with Bad Attitude

T.R. asks from Dallas

My 9 year old son has been giving us "attitude" when we ask him to do something. He obeys but makes faces or moans and groans. This is really annoying to my husband a...


My Daughter Is a 7 Year Old Diva, This Normal?

H.C. asks from Colorado Springs

My daughter has always had a bit of an attitude, she is strong willed which my husband and I have tried to cultivate and steer it towards the right direction. The tr...


Self Regulation Skills/impulsiveness/teaching Self Control

P.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms, Just had a parent/teacher conference and was told told I need to help my daughter manage her impulsive actions and self regulation skills and to help her re...


Out of Control 5 Year Old

T.L. asks from Richmond

My 5 year old daughter is out of control. She is extremely spoiled. Everytime we go to any store, whether its the grocery store, Walmart, or the auto parts store, she...


8 Year Old Attitude Problem

B.A. asks from Springfield

My almost 9 year old daughter has a horrible attitude problem. She constantly rolls her eyes at us and suddenly is a rude person. She has always been VERY well behav...