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Updated Jul 21, 2019

My Son Just Started Stuttering

January 05, 2008 by Kelli O. - Virginia Beach, VA

He is 3 and 1/2 and has been talking since around 10 months. He just started stuttering. At first I thought perhaps h...


Learning to Write Letters

February 22, 2008 by Heather T. - Bakersfield, CA

I am trying to teach my 2 almost 3yr old as much as I can. I have got numbers 1-10, his Abc's upper and lower case, a...


No Drop in Policy at Preschool

February 14, 2008 by Virginia B. - Sunnyvale, CA

I was recently informed hat the school district in which my son will be attending preschool has a no drop in policy f...


Should I Keep My 2 1/2 Year Old in Preschool When the Baby Is Born?

May 08, 2008 by Hmamaof3boys - Lake Elsinore, CA

Hi Mamas, Because of work, I have had my son in preschool full-time (9-3), which he loves because he has lots of fri...


Your Baby Can Read

January 18, 2008 by Tabitha P. - Seagoville, TX

Has anyone tried the Your Baby Can Read program by Dr. Titzer? It says that you can start as early as 3 month and te...


My Son Will Be Starting Preschool in August!

March 11, 2008 by Analivia M. - Forest Park, IL

I'd like some advice for a first time mom who's going to be taking her son to preschool for the first time. I'm a big...


How Does the Age Requirement Work and Does It Work for Everyone?

February 25, 2008 by JC C. - Norristown, PA

Hi, my daughter was born at the end of December and she will be 3 at the end of this year. I am looking into schools...


Teacher Gift

May 13, 2008 by Cat Z. - Doylestown, PA

Hi there everyone, My son had some issues with potty training this year and the teachers were wonderful! They took ...


Gifts for Preschool Teacher

November 01, 2007 by Barbie . - Saint Paul, MN

Hi there. My daughter is in preschool this year. I was not raised in the USA and have had no experience with the scho...


Preschool Teacher Thank You Gifts

June 07, 2008 by Amy L. - Sacramento, CA

My son is graduating from preschool and I'd like to get an appropriate thank you gift for his preschool teacher (also...

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