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Updated May 25, 2020

Preschools North of the River

January 09, 2007 by Julie S. - Kansas City, MO

My 4-year-old son has been in preschool since August and up until about a month ago has absolutely loved it. Since t...


Peanut/Tree Nut FREE Preschools

February 17, 2009 by Rachael V. - Saint Peters, MO

Does anyone know of a school I can start my little girl in? We are in the O'fallon/St. Peters area in FZ school dist...


Where to Look for a Great Preschool?

December 28, 2009 by Jennifer F. - Kansas City, MO

Hey Moms! Any suggestions on where to look for a great Preschool? I am unsure of any resources to find one. Does...


Montessori School in Bonner/So JoCo Area?

March 30, 2009 by Angel S. - Kansas City, MO

I remember seeing once that there is a Montessori school on Holiday Drive and 435 or just off of Holiday Drive, but a...


Preschool in Arnold/ Imperial Area

July 05, 2009 by Amanda T. - Arnold, MO

I can not afford $5oo a month in preschool. $150 a month at most is my budget. Got any suggestions?


Seeking Christian Preschool in O'fallon -St. Peters Area - Recommendations

October 14, 2009 by Deb M. - O Fallon, MO

Hi. We've recently moved to the area and I'm seeking a Christian preschool in the O'Fallon/St. Peters area for my 4 ...


Teachers Birthday

October 09, 2009 by Katy s. - Kansas City, MO

Hello wonderful moms, I just love everyone thoughts & opinions on here, so I have another one for you all. This is t...


Looking for Preschool in St. Charles Area

July 08, 2009 by Vickie . - Saint Charles, MO

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any preschools in the St. Charles area. Thanks!


Preschool Reviews for O'fallon, Missouri

September 02, 2009 by sarah k. - Saint Charles, MO

I currently have my child enrolled in a fantatsic Pre-School but it is quite a drive from my house. I am curious abo...


Daughter Constantly Sick Since Starting Preschool

December 20, 2006 by April D. - Seymour, MO

My 3 year old started preschool in September. She got a cold within the first week. As soon as she got over that col...