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Updated Oct 19, 2019

How to Clean a Mattress!!

November 11, 2009 by onehautemama - Hiram, GA

Help Mama's! My toddler had an accident in her bed early this morning. She peed on the bed. We have one of those bed...


Organizing and Storage Issues

October 17, 2009 by Crystal B. - Kincaid, IL

We will be getting some new furniture in our living room at the end of next week. Problem is my daughter still has t...


Glass Candelabra Repair in Plano/Frisco/Dallas Area

July 30, 2008 by Elizabeth S. - Plano, TX

I have a glass candelabra and while I was moving one of the arms broke off. It's a candleholder type (not an electri...


Need a Good, Honest Refrigerator Repairman

January 02, 2008 by Maria B. - Dallas, TX

Happy New Year, Moms! Does anyone know of a good trustworthy appliance repairman. This morning I opened the freezer ...


Cleaning Grout and Dryer Extension Cord?

December 02, 2009 by J O. - Kansas City, MO

Has anyone tried to clean their bathroom grout? How did you go about doing it? Also, we'd like to move our dryer ...


Dishwasher Repair

October 04, 2007 by MamaR - Keller, TX

My dishwasher quit 4 days after the warranty expired. Can anyone recommend a good dishwasher repair person in the ...


Where Can I Donate Kitchen Appliances That Are in Good Working Order?

August 06, 2008 by Busymama A. - Arlington Heights, IL

Hi Moms, We remodeled our kitchen and now would like to donate an oven with overhead microwave, a dishwasher, and ...

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