Glass Candelabra Repair in Plano/Frisco/Dallas Area

Updated on July 31, 2008
E.S. asks from Blue Ridge, TX
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I have a glass candelabra and while I was moving one of the arms broke off. It's a candleholder type (not an electrial lamp) so I just need someone who does glass repair and can put it back on. I have the arm, there is a very small piece missing from where it joins (maybe a 1/8 inch sized peice) but other then that it is complete with all peices. It's not an antique, I bought it a few years ago. So my question is, does anyone know where to go to get it repaired? Preferably as inexpensively as possible. I live in Plano, but I'm willing to drive to get it fixed, so anywhere in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Allen or McKinney would be awesome. It's a beautiful piece and I don't want to keep hiding it in a corner so the broken side doesn't show.... Thanks in advance for the help!

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I LOVE this place for all restoration-hope it helps:

Fegan Fine Art Restoration Inc
2333 Farrington St,
Dallas, TX 75207-6013



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I don't know if you'd be better off with a lamp repair place or a glass place...I know you said it's a candle holder type of fixture but they do sell those as well at lamp stores.

Glass Now - Alan - ###-###-####
***have used him several times & referred him to other mamasource mamas with wonderful feedback - he is great!***

Royal Touch Lamp & Fixture Repair - Coit & Arapaho -

Good luck!!



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There is a shop in Addison (in what use to be Sakowitz Village at the corner of Preston & Monfort) called Kitrell/Rifkin (Bob Kitrell/Michael Rifkin). Something like that. I chipped a Waterford vase and they were able to do some work on it. They may be able to help. Hope my information helps. If you are unable to find, just e-mail me back and I will find the information.



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Art Restoration at Lovers lane and Inwood can fix anything and you will never be able to tell where it was repaired!

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