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Updated Mar 06, 2021

Nesting in overdrive...need Help!

January 06, 2008 by Laura T. - San Francisco, CA

We recently moved to a new place that we love, but have found that in this cold damp weather, the windows that afford...


Air Duct Cleaning Needed (Or Is It?)

March 24, 2008 by Amy B. - North Salt Lake, UT

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone who does air duct cleaning. I've lived in this house a couple years ...


Heater Stopped Working

January 22, 2007 by Alicia R. - Plano, TX

I need an HVAC person today! Does anyone know a good company that is honest? I woke up this morning to an ice cold ...


Looking for Good Air and Heating Repair Person

April 03, 2008 by Jennifer R. - Cerritos, CA

We are looking for a good air/heating repairman. We need a licensed heating and air repairman to check our air condi...


Worried About Electric Heater in Almost 2 Year Olds Room

January 12, 2008 by Rachel A. - Salmon, ID

Hello Moms, We are in the process of moving and will be staying in a rental for a while. This rental is pretty small...


Mildew Smell Coming from Vent

April 25, 2008 by Brenda E. - Allen, TX

For the past few years, as the weather becomes humid, there is a weird mildew smell that comes from one of my air ret...


Just Learned Need New A/c-heater... HELP!

July 15, 2008 by Kimberly G. - Allen, TX

I need your opinions on which brand to buy.. My husband and I are just barely starting research and obviously we want...


A/c Person in Woodlands

July 23, 2008 by Susan D. - Conroe, TX

Im looking for an honest a/c person to check out my house. My oldest sons room doesnt seem to get cold, ever so we ne...


Need to Replace My AC Unit at Home - Seeking Recommendations

June 02, 2008 by LoveMommyhood - Spring, TX

We need to replace our home A/C unit and we have recieved several quotes ranging from $1500-$3000. Has anyone had go...