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Updated Aug 10, 2020

Weaning Help

April 12, 2008 by Melinda H. - Henderson, NV

I have a friend that is trying to wean her daughter. Her daughter is 12 months and she drinks a bottle during the day...


Breastfeeding: Could My Constipation Be Causing Baby's Constipation?

December 16, 2009 by Mama22 - Reno, NV

curious if yall know of any link between a mothers constipation and a baby's constipation? my 3 month old recently RE...


Looking for Someone or Someplace to Donate over 500 Ounces of Breast Milk...

November 07, 2009 by Bryn K. - Reno, NV

I just have an over abundance of stored and frozen breast milk in my freezer and my husband would like room for food....


How Long Is Breast Milk Good for at Room Temp?

November 02, 2009 by Stephanie O. - Reno, NV

Hi moms, I have a 10-day old son who isn't latching on. I am waiting for a lactation consultant to contact me so ...


Breastfeeding Support

November 03, 2007 by Angie G. - Henderson, NV

Hi I am moving to Henderson in December and I was looking for a place where I could go for breastfeeding support. ...


Not Wanting to Breastfeed

September 30, 2009 by Kerry C. - Las Vegas, NV

My son is 8 and a half months now. He started solids at 6 months, and now loves to feed himself. Within the last fe...


How Would I Wean My 7 Month Old from Breastfeeding??

November 09, 2006 by Jessica V. - Las Vegas, NV

My son will be 7 months on the 16th of Nov. I have enjoyed breast-feeding but I want to know how would I go about to ...


Weaning for the Weak

July 02, 2009 by H V. - Las Vegas, NV

I decided to start weaning the other day because my husband and I would like to get pregnant with #2. I know that it'...


Need Breastfeeding Support for Baby with Potential Sucking Issues

December 11, 2006 by Melissa . - Henderson, NV

Hi, I am pregnant with my second child. The baby has been diagnosed with Asymetrical IUGR. I really want to breastf...


4 Month Old Will Not Take Bottle

July 17, 2009 by Lindsey S. - Fernley, NV

I have a 4 1/2 month old daughter that loves the boob! LOL When she was born I supplemented bottles while my milk cam...