When Is a Troll Not a Troll?

Updated on February 06, 2013
L.L. asks from Austin, MN
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I am beginning to suspect we may have a nice young lady (12-ish?) among us, but all in all, she seems very nice...trying to be helpful, asking polite questions...

...so I'm certainly not complaining or picking on it, I just think it's kind of cute. Anyone else noticed this today? Just curious. Have a great night, mamas.

(Oh, also didn't get my tax returns today, even though the IRS says they deposited it yesterday. Sigh. No shoes yet.)

I changed my mind. It's getting a bit repetitive. Sigh. OOOH!!! Another question, and totally legit...what are your favorite tennies? Looking for something super comfortable, but not too expensive...

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So What Happened?

Hee hee...I can't afford to buy shoes and not love them!! I am in desperate need of new tennis shoes, and they need to have enough support to walk miles but be cute enough to belong to me, because I only like cute shoes. Sure, the rest of me may be totally frumpy these days (Yup, I think I gave up) but my feet can certainly look fabulous.

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answers from St. Louis on

KSwiss....love them & they last forever!

& Merrells are great too.

EDIT: I'd say "yes" to the troll. 3 questions, & has already lost track of the age of the daughter. (sigh)

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answers from San Francisco on

Love Adidas running shoes---comfortable and fun~ Also love Jimmy Choo's but those are out of my price range right now. :) As for trolls, I have had the same thought, but I don't care. If they are respectful and the questions aren't crass, I am fine with it.

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answers from Miami on

I haven't figured out who you're talking about... maybe someone will clue me in? :)


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answers from Las Vegas on

Saucony are comfy. often, Zappos has them on sale

good luck

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answers from Dallas on

Oh gees, go to a ballgame and miss the trolls. Darn

My favorite tennis shoes are by New Balance 442 ( running shoes actually). They are solid white, sleek and not bulky like a regular shoe. I love them so much I went back and bought another pair. They are lightweight and feel like a glove with great support on my bad feet.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How do I miss the trolls?

As far as the kicks are concerned, I am a lover of Adidas, always have been always will be! Been wearing them since Jr. High...sheesh! That makes me feel O-L-D!

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answers from Los Angeles on

If there is a 12 year old on here, she is really able to fool me

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answers from Portland on

Ah, yes... that person seems to have a lot of advice for others! I'm so glad she's come to adulthood and raised children on her own.:)

I hope you love the shoes when you get them. No point in buying shoes that aren't totally worth it.

Favorite tennis shoes? Keens... I don't run or do anything athletic, however. (I do walk all over creation, so maybe that counts? At least a couple miles a day.) But my feet are wider and they fit so well!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Well, that stinks. Shopping for shoes is so much fun!

My hubby says I am my towns Imelda Marcos. A few years ago I gave away over 50 pairs of good shoes. I have gotten so heavy that I just can't wear heels anymore. I threw away over 50 pairs that day too. So that's over 100 pairs of shes that I got rid of and I still have more.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I just got these--super light AND comfy (at Kohls):

And these are my all time faves, can't wear them out, awesome & worth every cent:

ETA : LoveTeachingMath--not so fast! From the NB website:

"We made our first pair of running shoes in 1938 and hold the distinction as the only company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the USA. O. out of every four pair of shoes we sell in the U.S. is made or assembled here. Where the domestic value is at least 70% we have labeled them "Made in the USA".

Great shoes. The ones I just bought say Made in Vietnam.

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answers from Fargo on

New Balance Minimus. I love mine!

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answers from Fargo on

Well...we've had worse :-)

I like Asics. I only wear them for exercise but so comfy and great support. Even my feet and legs are falling apart haha

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answers from El Paso on

Yeah.... I'm with you on the first bit... :)

As for the shoes... I LOVE New Balance. They're good quality, American made, and cheaper than a lot of the other ones. I got my most recent pair for $35 (admittedly, at the outlet mall). Before I discovered the Outlet, I would get them at Academy when on sale and would get them for around the same, but that was when they were on sale, not regular price.

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answers from St. Louis on

I often ponder the trolling. Thing is each troll is trolling for something and that isn't always to flame a group. I don't know if you have noticed but we have a group of regular trolls that answer questions, oddly. Some like to not be noticed, others need to be noticed, they are an odd lot.

Double check the account number you typed on the return, verify it is correct with your bank. You may have typed it wrong. Not to scare you but it takes quite some time to get that money back if it was sent to the wrong bank or account.

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answers from Washington DC on

Nope, haven't noticed. Why don't you send me a link, please, via PM? We don't want you to get pulled for flaming!! :)

Sorry - you didn't get your tax returns! that sucks!!

My favorite tennis shoes? Nike Cross Trainers.

Have you tried Ross for the Coach tie-ups? They are comfy and cute!

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answers from San Diego on

I bought a pair of these at Costco and they are the best shoes I have had in ages.
They are so comfortable and light.
I didn't pay this much for them because they were at Costco. You might be able to find them somewhere else cheaper.
I love the splash of pink on them, they do actually go with my style in this color :)

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answers from Austin on

Good luck with your tax return!

I like Brooks..... I've been wearing them for many years, and wearing those shoes, with its good mid-sole support, has really eased the Plantar fasciitis I was having problems with. At the time, I couldn't go barefoot without pain...now I go barefoot all the time.

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answers from New Orleans on

Try reebox shoes they are EXTREMELY comfy!!!Hope you find great shoes

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