What Is Your "Cleaning Schedule?"

Updated on September 10, 2012
A.S. asks from Glendora, CA
7 answers

I.E. How much cleaning do you do on a daily basis? How many hours/minutes do you spend? Does it seem like as soon as you get something nice and spotless something else is a wreck again? I make my children clean up their messes but they still do not do it to "my standards" so if I want something super clean I have to do it myself. I feel like I am always cleaning yet the house is not always clean, but maybe other SAHMs do more than I do... not sure. So what is your daily or weekly cleaning routine?

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answers from Chicago on

I don't have a routine. When something is bothering me I clean it. I don't clean unless it needs to be done. We will have cleaning days where the kids and I get everything in it's place though, when it starts to get bad enough. And my clock out time bedtime. I rarely do any house work after the kids are in bed. That's my time for myself and my hubbie. Luckily, my husband is so laid back he could care less if I've cleaned anything, but that being said, I don't let things get too bad.



answers from Green Bay on

LOL - what cleaning routine??

I am a SAHM of a 2 year old, a 6mo old puppy, and a husband...my priorities are floors because puppy drags in EVERYTHING and I watch two other toddlers a couple days a week, so most of my efforts are put into floors. Other than that, I do what I can when I can. Kitchen counters are probably a 2nd priority for sanitary purposes, but it seems as soon as I get them cleared and cleaned, it is a mess again! Like you said!

My standards are high when it comes to cleaning, but something is better than nothing - for example, one night my husband just sat down and folded towels (I think he was ill!! or drunk!!) and he kept asking "how do you fold these?" and I would tell him, but it still wasn't "right". Instead of saying anything or letting it bother me, I took it for what it was worth - a chance to have something get done and not have to worry about it myself! Give your kids the jobs that don't matter if they are done right - dusting, picking up, mirrors, folding socks, etc. whatever are your "negotiables". Then save the "non-negotiable" jobs (in my house, the floors, sinks, bathrooms, etc.) and get them done whenever you have a chance.

One day my husband came home to a messy house and asked what I did that day...I told him I was a Stay at home MOM not a Stay at home MAID!! That shut him up real quick... :-D I have a sign that says "Please pardon the noise and the mess, the kids are making happy memories"...I used to have it hanging outside my classroom when I was a teacher...I think I should haul it back out and hang it somewhere in the house! :-D



answers from St. Louis on

I do not have a schedule either. I used to but then I felt like i was such a slave ot my schedule, that I would feel guilty if I got home and didn't want to clean X room or spend 15 mins working on the bathroom.

That being said, I usually tackle the bathrooms and bedding on the weekends. Most of the laundry gets done during the week and the remainder on the weekends. Dishes and kitchen are tidied on a daily basis after dinner. We try to get most dishes in the dishwasher. What does not fit I may try to empty and then refill the dishwasher if time allows in the mornings. If not hubby will get it done. I am not very OCD about how things are folded, cleaned, etc.

We live in the country with gravel driveway and mulched play area for the kids, so our floors are swept or vacuumed probably daily if not 2x a day. They are mopped maybe 1-2x a month mostly because I don't like to do it, nor does hubby, and the color of laminate we have it doesn't really make a difference as long as it's swept or vacuumed. House gets vacuumed usually daily by hubby and weekly steam cleaned (spots that need it).

The playroom is in the basement and we usually clean/organize that once a month. Hubby's man cave gets cleaned whenever he does it! LOL


answers from San Diego on

I clean what is dirty when it needs it and I have time and I feel like it. No schedule at all.
My house is never "clean" but it does at least stays sanitary..trash goes out, clothes get cleaned, dishes get washed etc. It's just cluttered and lived in, not disgusting and dirty if you know what I mean.
There are 5 of us and 4 cat. We are in our house far more than most people because my husband works from home and my kids homeschool. You would think it would be sparkling because we're here all day to attend to eveything but quite the opposite. We still have a full day of things to do for work or school or just general downtime playing or whatever. So things are always getting taken out and being used. It's not like we have a huge block of time where no one is in the house so if it's put away it stays there.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I don't have a cleaning schedule. I work two full-time jobs, and I clean catch as catch can.
I live alone except for my pets, so the main issue for me is keeping animal hair swept up. The only chore that gets done daily is cleaning the litter boxes - all five of them, before I go to work in the morning, when I come home between jobs, and when I get home from my second job in the evening.
The dishwasher gets run when it's full. Depending on how what I cook (or IF I cook), that may be two days in a row, then not at all for a week.
Laundry gets done when I have enough to make a full washer load.



answers from Phoenix on

Um, cleaning it when it looks dirty?

Do you want to spend all day cleaning, or do you want to spend time with your kids? They won't remember or care about an immaculate house. Let go of your ideas of a perfectly clean house or accept the fact that you will chasing your tail indefinitely when it comes to cleaning.

I think working, or not, ALL parents needs to give themselves a break on the cleaning.



answers from New York on

Can you define what a cleaning schedule is because I'm not sure I know what you're talking about - lol.

I'm a SAHM and honestly, sometimes my house looks pretty clean and sometimes it doesn't. Depends on what else is going on in our lives. The downstairs part of my house was clean yesterday because we had family and friends over for my daughter's birthday. Don't ask what upstairs looks like right now. When we're running out of clothes, towels or underwear, I do laundry. I cook dinner every night so my kitchen is mostly cleaned up somewhat organized.

Most days I wouldn't be that embarrassed to let someone in. Other days, there might be some clutter hanging around, but nothing too bad. My house is rarely all clean AND clutter free at the same time. On a side note, I'd rather take a walk with my daughter and our dog on a nice day like today than stay in and clean. The mess always seems to be there when we get back.

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