What Are Best Cloth Training Pants for Potty Learning?

Updated on October 28, 2009
S.T. asks from Sacramento, CA
9 answers

I bought some Gerber training pants, but they really don't seem to contain accidents, which has slightly put my son off the process. Do other moms have recommendations of which brands and styles are good? Do you recommend ones with some waterproofing?

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answers from Seattle on

Hi S. - I'm in the middle of training my third daughter, but she's my first one to use cloth diapers so I've been looking also. I think the Potty Patty pants that were suggested look great - I might try those!

I started by using a combination of bare buns at home or panties with Baby Legs. But now that it's been cooler and I want clothes on her, or when we're outside playing, or if I don't want an outfit ruined I use panties inside one of the new Gerber plastic pants. I found them at Target right next to the padded training pants and they are nicer now than the old-fashioned white plastic pants. The elastic bands are wider so there aren't sore thighs after wearing them for a few hours. With this combination I can still take her potty every 45 minutes, but if we have an accident she feels the wet panties but I don't have to change her jeans/pants.

Also, I do like the padded Gerber training pants at home because she's starting to tell me she has to go after she's squeezed out a little and is damp, and those pants soak up the little bit she let go without creating a puddle wherever she was standing/sitting.

Blessings on staying calm and focused during the potty learning journey!!

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answers from Portland on

Try the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Training pants. I tried several out and those were my favorite. They have 2 in 1 training pants that are cotton underwear on the inside and have a layer of PUL for waterproof protection on the outside. Perfect for making sure they feel wet and uncomfortable, but protecting their clothes and car seat when out and about. It was my lifesaver when my daughter was potty training and we'd be running errands and she'd fall asleep in the car. It contained the pee without me having a mess to clean up when I got home!

Once they start building up a longer signal that they need to go pee and can warn you and hold it until they reach a potty, the regular underwear still held the leaks, but not full blown accidents, so they knew they had an accident.

They are pretty great, washable, environmentally friendly, but most of all, chemical free for your child's health!

You can see them here:

2-in-1 pants

Regular padded underwear

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answers from Seattle on

We've been pretty pleased with the Hannah Anderson ones we have for our daughter. The middle part is 4-ply so it does absorb a bit when it happens but she does still know that she's wet.

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answers from Portland on

Hello S.,

I used to be a nanny and today I'm a parent coach. I've potty trained MANY kids! Any training pants you buy will not "contain" the accident, including pull-ups, because the goal is to warn/alert the child of the accident.

Pull-ups will be your best option for easy of cleaning, but it will also be expensive.

The best course of action, is to remind often and use the "oops" method when an accident happens so he doesn't get mad at himself. I also recommend very inexpensive underwear so you can throw them away. It's not worth cleaning poopy undies.

Toddlers need to be in control, so during potty training when they have accidents, they can feel mad at themselves.

Good Luck!

R. Magby

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answers from Medford on

I would just use underwear. Pull-ups confuse the situation and cloth training pants dont hold urine any better than underwear. Best of luck to you!



answers from Seattle on

Are you sure you are both ready for training? Seems like you are still looking for a diaper. I went to JC Penny and bought the cotton pants with a foam liner. We regularly took my guy to the potty and when he went, we congratulated him for keeping his pants dry. We got a bucket for wet stuff and did a load of laundry at the end of the day. You basically need to prepare for 2 - 3 weeks of accidents, wet pants, extra laundry and dive in. Good luck. It takes time and patience.



answers from Seattle on

Hi S.,

According to my mom, training pants NOT containing accidents was actually a motivation for my sister and I to be successful at potty training. She would dress us in shirts, training pants and nothing else. And prepared to clean up any puddles that happened. Apparently, after felling the warm wet stream running down our legs the first couple of times, we had very few accidents because it was just yucky.

I haven't had a chance to try it myself yet since my daughter is still a bit too young, but it's my plan. :)

Good luck.



answers from Portland on

Rebecca is right. Training pants do not hold very much urine or poop either. The purpose of training pants with a small amount of extra fabric is to hold a small amount of urine so that the child can get to the potty to finish. They can do this once they've learned how to stop the flow. The training pant allows them to feel the urine when it starts.

Potty training seems so difficult because you do have to have a schedule for taking them to the potty often enough that there are few accidents. First, watch for when he usually pees or poops while he's still wearing diapers. Then watch for signs that you can see when your son is about to pee or poop. Then make a schedule for taking him to the potty. And watch for when you do need to take him at other than scheduled times. Most importantly allow for lots of accidents.

I suggest using pull ups or diapers until you have a good sense of when your son needs to use the potty. In my limited experience with two grandchildren and from reading answers on this site I suggest that once a toddler is ready to be trained they will learn quickly with the use of training pants or even regular underwear. But first they have to be truly ready both in physical maturation and willingness to learn. In the meantime consistently taking them to use the potty on a regular basis while still in diapers or pull ups helps them get the idea.

Boys are ready later than girls. I doubt that your son at 2 1/2 is ready yet. My granddaughter was actually "trained" around 3 and my grandson not until 4 or so. No 2 children are alike. If you want to try now, go ahead but make it easy on yourself and him. Frustration will get in the way of learning. Work on being casual with him and accepting if he's not ready now.



answers from Seattle on

I really like the Imse Vimse training pants. They absorb more than the Gerber ones but your child will still feel wet. They won't contain a full accident though but that's just part of the whole lovely potty training process :-)I do know what you mean about the Gerber ones, they are basically underwear. At least the Imse Vimse cloth trainers absorb SOME of the mess. They are also kind of fluffy which makes them easy for my 2 year old daughter to pull up and down. The zoo and farm animal patterns are cute too. We've had great success moving from Fuzzi Bunz to these. Good luck!