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Seeking Moms with Learning Differences and Depression

My husband is bi-polar & has learning difficulities but once he relaxed about his illness he now feels & acts better. Kids sense parents moods so if your ...

Learning to Sleep in Toddler Bed

If you stick with a schedule the kids will adapt to it and learn. Remember your the parent, not them. Hope this helps. Helpful? ...

Three Year Old Complaining of Kids Not Liking Her

Oct 26, 2009 ... I think that as unfortunate as it is that this is happening its a normal part of kids learning to be in a social setting together and they ...

Websites for Summer Learning

It bridges the kids from the grade they've left to the one they're going into. It's got some great lessons and ideas for summer learning and you can go at ...

Need More Educational, Fun Websites for My Kids.

It monitors your kids learning. I haven't tried it, yet, but my friend has. She likes it. I also let my son go on the Noggin website. ...

Any Advice on Instilling Good Study Habits in Kids?

Unfortunately, some kids learn that it's best to “tune-out” at school and let their parents do all of the teaching at home. ...

Learning to Go down Stairs

I would try to help my kids learn to go down the stairs by holding their hands and have them practicing taking steps down. Since that was to advanced for ...

Looking for Shuttle Service for Kids

Thanks to all who responded to my request for info on a kids' shuttle. ... online for kids · My Kids · All Kids · service learning ...

On Waiting List for Country Home Learning Center-need More Info!

My daughter now goes to Children's World Learning Center on Cross Canyon Rd. You should check ... Popular Lists. Never Fail Tips for Traveling with Kids ...

Need Help with 4 Yr. Boy Not Trying to Learn.

Sep 21, 2009 ... Some kids just want to play, and they learn other things from play. Give him time. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...
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  • go down the stairs in 3 answers "I would try to help my kids learn to go down the stairs by holding their hands and ..."
  • lot of learning games in 2 answers "... know if boys would like it as much, but it involves a lot of learning games ..."
  • scooting down in 4 answers "... and safest is to teach her to go down the stairs sitting down and scooting down ..."
  • into a toddler bed in 2 answers "We moved our daughter into a toddler bed too early and had to put her back in the ..."
  • down one step in 2 answers "... Teach your daughter to go down backwards or by sitting and going down one step ..."