Reactions to Easy-Ups or Pull-Ups

Updated on March 22, 2011
N.B. asks from Pearland, TX
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We are in the potty training phase. I recently just switched my daughter to pull ups and notice she broke out with a rash, so I switch to easy ups but noticed the rash only got worse. So I just decided to keep her on the pamper cruisers, but feel that its going to confuse her. I'm afraid to switch to cotton panties only because she's not 100% potty trained. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! She still has a little rash looks more like mosquito bites...seems to be getting better now that I switch back to diapers. She is currently taking an antibiotic so if its another type of infection it should clear up.

I plan on dedicating one weekend to potty training with panties. Wish me luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

I'd recommend just putting her in panties. Yes, you'll have a few messes to clean up, but I think it is far easier. Everyone I know that went from diapers to underwear said potty training was easy. But the people I know who used pull-ups or whatever brand, said that it took months to potty train.

When my son started telling me he had to go, and taking his diaper off, I switched to underwear. I bought 24 pair & he wet 23 of them the first day. The second day, he had one accident. By the end of the week he had no accidents and has been completely potty trained since.

And for accidents in underwear, rinse them out and throw them in a bucket filled with soapy water to soak until time to wash. That's what I did and it was so much easier.

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answers from Seattle on

Just ditch the diapers and the pull ups and go for panties. When my daughter started potty training we just went cold turkey. We stayed at home for two days, yes, i had to change her a couple of times, but not a big deal.
Then we started venturing out, I put a puppy pad in her seat, just in case, but she has never actually peed in her carseat. For a few months I always carried a change of clothes with me... but it was rarely needed.
Once they are ready, they are ready and you just deal with the accidents while they are still learning.
Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Pull ups are the most counterproductive item to ever be invented.

If your daughter is ready to potty train go straight to cotton panties and don't look back.

Yes, you are completely correct. The "limbo" of sometimes in diapers / sometimes in panties will completely confuse her.

She is either:

'ready' to potty train and therefore ready to accept and deal with the natural consequences of potty training (ie helping to clean up the occasional mistake, as will sometimes happen).

or 'not ready' to potty train and should stay in diapers until she is ready to potty train.

Good Luck.

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answers from Denver on

pull-ups and easy-ups are a waste of money in my opinion...

put her in panties with training pants over them...(for the daytime)

good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Here's an alternate perspective to your dillemma--I can tell you from my days as a nanny: this could end up being blessing.

Over years, I've obeserved that these products actually prolong your child's toilet learning time. Kids don't understand these products to be diapers, but as what I like to call "magical underpants". If you do switch to cotton trainers--which will catch leaks but allow her to feel wet, which is very infomative for kids using the potty-- this will encourage her to be more inclined to want to use the toilet on her own.

I personally find that putting her in a diaper is actually *less* confusing than Pull-Ups are. She understands a diaper to be a diaper; with pull-ups, she's confusing a diaper (because this is what they are ) for 'real' underwear. Thus, this will be an extra step of 'unthinking' once your daughter is ready for real underwear.

When my son was ready to start learning to use the toilet. I offered him a cloth diaper or a trainers during the day, and we only used a disposable at night. Worked really well, and he was very quick in becoming adept with getting to the potty on time. So, all this to say, here's another perspective.

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answers from Honolulu on

I never used pull-ups or easy-ups with my kids.

I used the "Potty Scotty" padded underwear.
Amazon has it or E-bay (for cheaper). You can read the reviews of it on Amazon.
**(Gerber also makes a padded 'training underwear" too, which you can find at Walmart or Amazon. Just put in the search words 'Gerber Training Pants." I have used these as well. Its good)

Pull-ups etc., are expensive. But it is used if your child goes to Daycare or Preschool.

Diapers on or off, does NOT 'confuse' a child.
They will potty train when THEY are ready.
And if your child shows, cognizance of it and readiness.

I left my kids naked on the bottom with a potty chair nearby.
But that was when, they were ready.
I did not use, just underwear, until they were more mastered at the process.
It takes TIME.
In stages.
It is a process that goes up and down, daily.
If the child is not ready. And if they are not matured in their biological awareness.

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answers from Sacramento on

Keeping her in a diaper won't be any more confusing than using Pull-ups/Easy-ups. Those are BOTH diapers, they just have a different side closure, which I'm willing to bet, your daughter doesn't notice.

Go ahead and go back to the diapers if you don't want to do panties (although that's what I'd recommend), and show her how to open the diaper up before she goes potty.


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answers from Houston on

Seventh generation makes chlorine/perfume free pull ups. I got them at toys r us or babies r us.

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answers from Chicago on

We use cotton underwear and plastic pants by Gerber overtop -- our kiddo is 2 years 3 mos. Yes, we have some accidents and opt for a pull-up or diaper for long trips outside where bathrooms aren't readily available but it is really better in the long run (and cheaper too). Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Just go straight to underwear! Yes there will be messes to clean up but thats just part of potty training, a pull up is just a glorified diaper. You just need to be diligent and pay attention to how much fluids they get and take them to the potty regularly. If the accidents are really that big of an issue then you can always purchase those plastic underwear things that you just put over the underwear ( kinda like a swim diaper). Our sitter required those till he was 100% trained but he never needed them. Plus their clothes soak up a lot of the pee so if they do wet themselves it usually soaks up by the time it gets to the ft and there isnt much of a puddle on the floor. But thats just what worked for me and every child is different and it might work better another way.

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answers from Houston on

My son broke out in a rash as well from pull ups and not to mention how expensive they were. I used white cloud brand, they were cheaper and not as hard nor did they break him out. He transitioned well so we did not have to use them but for a few weeks. Good Luck!!

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answers from Detroit on

where is the rash? Is it over the whole diaper area or localized in one spot? My 3 yr old was in pull ups (store brand) and started with a rash right in his butt crack... It got worse and worse no matter what we did... It ended up being strep on his butt! Antibiotics are what cleared it up... If its a weepy, red, raw looking rash I would go to the dr...
Typically if she's ok with one type (pampers) then pampers brand should have the same types of perfumes and additives. I was a sensetive skinned baby but that showed up from birth..

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answers from Washington DC on

My DD had a rash from pull-ups but not from easy-ups. (I think we used the Easy Ups that only had the "blue indicator" and not the "feel and learn" lining. )
Also, you can put a pair of regular cotton panties under the "training diapers" and it actually works well for potty training. They can still feel when they get wet but it doesn't make a mess of your furniture, carseat, carpet, etc. when accidents do happen!

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