Weirdest Ever Job Interview, but Funny

Updated on January 02, 2013
E.S. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
13 answers

The good news is I had an interview today for a part-time job that pays OK and uses my skills.

The weird news is that the lady didn't ask me one question about what I could bring to the team, or even about myself. She seemed to use me as a venting board about all the challenges the organization faces and how much work she has, which in turn created this position. e

So I am talking OVER AN HOUR of listening to her. The only thing she commented on was how my cover letter stood out and that's the kind of writing they were looking for.

So maybe she was testing my listening skills.

Anyway, has anyone ever had this happen before where the interview was almost reversed?

I feel like a sponge who needs a good ringing out!

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So What Happened?

Sherri, that takes the cake!! The crab cake! I guess she didn't get the job? LOL

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answers from Washington DC on

Congrats on the interview!!!!

As a recruiter/staffing manager - I can tell you I would be hard pressed to take the job after an interview like that. She gave you a running breakdown on what was wrong with the company - is that something you can work with - even on a part time basis?

Good luck!!! It might be a hard decision to make!!

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answers from Grand Forks on

I was conducting an interview once, and I asked the applicant what her reason for leaving her last position was. Her answer was "because I got crabs". I did not know what to say to that, and I guess she took my stunned silence to mean that I did not know what crabs are, so she proceeded to explain that crabs were little lice that live in your crotch hair. She even put on a little "puppet" show for me and with her hand showed me what a crab might look like if it were running around. I was speechless. I did manage to finish the interview without laughing. It was very weird. No way she could get the job. I couldn't even make eye contact!

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answers from Columbia on

She sounds, as we EMTs and medics describe it, in highly complicated medical terminology, CCFCCP*.

I hope you get the job.

♥Christy Lee

*Coo coo for CoCo Puffs.

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answers from St. Louis on

"Hello, it's all about me"!

so I guess the question is: do you really want this that you know what you'll be facing?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

That's the kind of job you want to run fast and run far from. If you have the luxury of extending your search, I would. It sounds like this company does not have their house in order and unless you like cleaning up other people's messes and putting out fires, I'd keep looking.

Personally I've always used interviews to learn as much about the company, environment, and my potential co-workers. There have been times I've asked more questions than the interviewer because I want to know if this company is a good fit for ME.

Good luck in your search!

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answers from Washington DC on

I can do a bit of that when I'm interviewing. The way I interview is just to see if they pass the smell test.

Is the writing really theirs? Can they hold an adult conversation? Do they seem to understand the broad strokes of my industry? And after that I'm off chatting away on the background of the job and some of the intricacies we'll be facing in the future.

Probably 3/4 of an interview with me is me explaining about this and that part of the job. I know they don't get it on a deep level - but I'm explaining BECAUSE THEY'RE HIRED. LOL - not one of them ever suspects that I've already hired them in my mind and this is just our first "meeting".

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answers from Redding on

Well, all I can say is that at least she didn't spend an hour sugar coating things.

I've accepted a couple of jobs because the interviewer talked the business up, how great they are, how great they are to their employees, how family friendly they are, how happy everyone is with their jobs.

I discovered within an hour of being on my first day that it was all lies.

I'd much rather be told ahead of time that there were challenges or problems and that I wouldn't be stepping into a well run organization. I at least could see it as a challenge if they needed my help getting things in order or decide not to take it on in the first place.

I work in HR, I've been an office manager responsible for hiring and firing, etc. I'm familiar with the practice of having second or even third interviews, based on passing background checks. Where I work now, we may have as many as 20 "application" appointments each and every week. People see those as "interviews", but there is a weeding out process. We definitely tend to focus more, at first, on the nitty-gritty expectations and downsides of the positions because it's not for everybody. We're talking toileting, changing adult diapers, dealing with dementia patients who aren't always nice, dealing with coordination with Hospice for people who are on end of life care and vomit and need to be cleaned up. In my field, it takes a special person and not all people are cut out for it. That's why we don't sugar coat.
We get a lot of people who are on unemployment and they have to apply for X amount of jobs. They're fulfilling their job search requirements, and really want a job, but the truth is that many aren't qualified.

I'm not sure what position you applied for, but I think that if you really wanted the job, she might have been looking for someone to interject and say how you could meet the challenges and take some of her work load off of her. She pretty much came out and said she's overwhelmed and that's why she's looking for someone.

If you have a bad feeling, don't take the job.

At least she wasn't like a used car salesman trying to sell you a lemon.
You have a choice in the matter if they call you for another interview.

Just my opinion.

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answers from Kansas City on

I went to a job interview once and I REALLY need a new and good paying job. I was so prepared to sell myself, etc. The lady talked and talked and talked but never asked me a single question. I finally just had to take a moment at the end (when she stopped talking) to toot my own horn and tell her what I had to offer the team and the company.

Very frustrating, I wish you luck!


Sherri, OMG. Wow, that's all I can think of to say............

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answers from Appleton on

I had an interview years ago and this guy kept referring to Chrissy -- Chrissy this --- Chrissy that and all about Chrissy Like I knew who he was talking about. As it turned out he was talking about his wife and business partner.

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answers from Omaha on

maybe they really do not want to hire anyone and she was trying to steer you away?

It is kinda funny though

Sherri... How did that crab motion go... Why would you say something like that in an interview... oiy some people. I would probably laugh my butt off.

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answers from Cleveland on

As others have said, may not be a job you want... But everyone loves to talk about themselves and I have to say a job candidate is an easy target. When one asks me my background etc, I have to say I have to really watch myself from going on and on and tell about the lessons I learned along the way etc. It's rare I'm such a focus nowadays I could easily get carried away! :) Maybe that's what happened here. Very unprofessional of her though. If she'd be your boss, oy. She'd likely be hard to take.

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answers from Chicago on

She was up front and honest, so your job is easy to figure out whether you want the position or not. I've been hoodwinked lately because the jobs I've applied for really needed people. Here is my recent interview where I was tricked:

The interviewer asked me if I wanted to be in management because I have previous experience or if I wanted to choose a non management position. Now keep in mind, I applied for the management position. She looked at me in my face and said, you really look like you would be a great Site Director. I'm going to recommend you for this position. I took the position and when I was in the position, it was too good to be true. That was a terrible position because there was a high turn over rate with this company. My paycheck would be late and so on and so forth. I lasted 2 months which is good. I gave them two weeks notice and they were shocked and told me that people just leave, they don't give notice. Wow! What a place and I'm glad I don't work there anymore. Now, I really listen and ask more questions at interviews. Not that desperate!

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answers from Tyler on

I would LOVE to see your cover letter!! I will be actively seeking full time employment for the 2013-2014 school year and I think I need to punch up my resume and include a cover letter. What do you say when you've basically been a stay at home mom and part time employee from time to time for 18 years??? I have all my volunteer jobs listed and skills I can contribute. It's just so hard to know where to start!

You must have magic voodoo powers that make people open up to you...haha!

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