How Long Should I Wait to Hear Reply About Job Interview

Updated on October 29, 2010
D.D. asks from New Baltimore, MI
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Ok so I went on a job interview last week, I just called the office because I haven't heard anything back from them. I was told that they still haven't made a decision and that they would call when they had, when I left the office it seemed like I had the job. So my question to any of you how long should I wait, it's already been a week, there are other jobs that I can apply to, should I still apply to them or wait?

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answers from Lansing on

I would still apply, you may miss out on something else. And next time you're in an interview you may want to ask them how long before you hear something back. Some places just take forever, especially if they're a municipality.

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answers from Houston on

You should still be applying for other jobs and going on interviews. It can take people as long as a day or well over a month to get back to you after an interview. It just depends on how many interviewees they have left, when they need the employee to start, or if they even decide to fill the position.... It's better to turn things down once you have a job, then to end up not getting a job and having missed out on another one because you were waiting.

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answers from Chicago on

Still apply to others. It is a tough economy. I had 2 times in my adult life had jobs basically offered to me during final interviews and then circumstances changed and they hired --- NO ONE for the jobs. They lost a client or job and additional workload was no longer there or there was a shift in management and then the person who was to be my boss because the boss of everyone and had everyone at her disposal.

Also, depending on the infrastructure of the company or business, it can take a while until they make a decision or they might still be in the process of interviewing.

Best of luck with your job search and *fingers crossed* for you that they call you soon!

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answers from Jacksonville on

What did they tell you at the end of the interview? Normally, that question (when will I know/when will a decision be made) is addressed at some point during the interview.

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answers from Washington DC on


did you send a thank you note promptly?

When I interview a candidate or send him or her out on an interview - i usually have feedback within 1 to 5 hours - other times maybe 24 hours. But I ALWAYS follow up.

Apply to the other positions - ask WHY you haven't heard back from them regarding the one you interviewed for - it's OKAY to be upfront - was there something that made feel that I was not a fit for this position? Ask questions. You need to know what you are doing in a job interview. A recruiter can and should help you with your interviews.

Good luck!


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answers from Detroit on

I say absolutely keep applying but don't give up hope on this job. I applied for a job last Septmber, went through the interview and testing process in the October, and then waited, waited, waited.......until January to hear that I had got the job. The job I went for was a union position and there were people being moved around and laid off so they had to wait for everything to settle before they could be sure the job was mine. Not sure of the circumstances with your prospective job but sometimes it does take time for them to make the right decision.
Don't give up hope but keep putting the applications in elsewhere too.
Good luck :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I hope you followed up with a thank you note for the interview.
It will take....until they hire someone. Sometimes it takes a while. Keep applying in the meantime. Call no more than weekly.



answers from Detroit on

I would still apply to the other jobs because you need to keep your options open. If those jobs call and you've accepted another position, you can just say, "Thank you for calling me. I have accepted a position but I really appreciate your interest."

Depending on the number and quality of the candidates, it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for a company to finally decide.

When I got this job 3 years ago, it took them 2 weeks to decide but because it's a large company and they have to go through a lot of red tape to make an offer, it was a total of 8 weeks before I got the job offer. In the meantime, I was interviewing at other companies and ended up having 2 more companies about to make offers when I finally accepted this one. That was nice because then I could pick and choose which one I really wanted.

Keep interviewing but also keep following up every 7-10 days (if it keeps dragging out) so that they know how very interested you are in the position.



answers from Grand Rapids on

i would still apply other places. I have left interviews where they have made it seem that the job was mine, and then i don't get the job. sometimes it's they realize they can't hire for that job, or someone gets shifted there from another depratment and i dont fit that other position. so keep applying, and if they want to offer you the job, you can always turn down the other interviews if you get them



answers from Los Angeles on

Absolutely keep applying. When I was looking for a new job, I thought I had a couple in the bag, too, only to be really disappointed when another candidate was selected. And I agree, don't forget the follow-up thank you note!



answers from New York on

Apply for the other jobs- you can always turn them down if you receive an offer from the original company.

Typically, a company will make sure that their selected candidate has accepted (at least verbally) before notifying anyone else. Having said that, apply for the others and call again in a week.



answers from Detroit on

Calling back was good, but don't do it too much, it makes you seem annoying and might swing them to the other person, however one time shows you're interested and not afraid to follow through.

That said, keep applying to other jobs, you can always say no to them, but if this one doesn't work out then you'll already be ahead of the game looking for another one.

Best wishes!



answers from Las Vegas on

have you written a thank you note ??.. that's something you should do IF you haven't already.... and in it, you could re-iterate your interest in the job.
all too often, people DON'T write that thank you.......... I got a job once where it was because of my thank you note (which I sent ASAP) and got me back on the employer's radar........ she said, she saw something extra special in me and felt the thank you card showed that I followed up with things.. not too mention, hey.... everyone likes a nice gesture...
I say , don't wait.. write the thank you and then IF you haven't heard follow up..
now IF you did write that thank you note, then perhaps , yes wait one more week and then call again...

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