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Updated on September 10, 2007
C.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello to all the moms out there. I am trying to return back to work after about 3 1/2 years. I was raising my daughter and now I am recently divorced and need to find a good job SOON so that I can support her and myself. My resume consists mainly of Administrative positions with my last job being at a high profile company as a Sales Administrator. I don't want to get into sales again, but a good paying administrative position near my house (N.W. side of Chicago near Harlem Irving Plaza) would be ideal. It is so difficult trying to find a job even though I have retained all of my skills. (ie. MS word, excel, powerpoint, word perfect, outlook, etc etc.) I am a quick learner and a very hard worker. It seems that nobody wants to hire a single mom that has NOT been working for over 3 years. : (
What can I do??? I have had others review my resume and they have all said it looks great!!! Why don't employers understand that single mom's don't become brain dead after raising children for a few years. We need to make a living like everyone else, maybe even more so since we are SINGLE MOMS. I keep sending out resumes but I fear that the 3+ year gap is really preventing me from getting a job.

Anybody know of any job opportunities out there???? I would really appreciate any advice from you moms out there. I am really starting to worry...

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answers from Chicago on

Try this job search engine:

have you souped up your resume? These days most employers who are looking for ideal candidate are looking for key words from their ads. you need to redo each resume to closely match the job you are looking to get. They also like references and salary history right on cover letter or on resume. What is usually NOT a big sell is saying "i'm a hard worker and quick learner" -- so is everybody. Give your accomplishments, downplay the SAHM syndrome, if you are an effective person it will come across in your manner and speech. Know what you are talking about when you go on interview, and go to other website resources that give good tips on how to answer interview questions (those interview questions that are nauseatingly annoying, like, what's your worst trait, people usually answer "i work too hard" or whatever, don't answer that way!! it's an interest-killer).

try a headhunting agency, they work hard to find an ideal position for you because they get paid handsomely for the match.

i don't think it's the time spent away from jobs, i am wondering though if it is the way you come across in interviews. are you confident and sure of what you are saying when you are answering q'S?

another good resource to go to is, they have lot of tips about looking for jobs -- you need to search around a bit but you can find great info in your inquiries there.

Good luck hon!

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answers from Dallas on

I work from home and I just love it! If you would like more information please visit my web site and request more information. We have lots of mom's that have replace the income of their full time jobs they worked outside of the home. No selling, no parties, no inventory.



answers from Chicago on

Try the temp agencies. also there is a mom run temp agency called Mom Corp or something similar google for it and they will help you.



answers from Raleigh on

I was in the same boat as you - I dropped out of thw work force in June of 2000 when I got pregnant and didn't work again until well after I divorced in July 2003. it was impossible to find a job - but I had a harder time because I don't have any college education and I worked mostly in retail and daycare before I quit working (I was 19 when I got pregnant). I was 23 and hadsn't worked in several years - it looked really bad. I phrased it as "2000-2003, left workforce to concentrate on raising my family." I ended up at a temp agency on the advice of my stepdad, who was then (before he retired) a human resources director at a fairly large company. It took them several weeks, but they started finding positions. it was bad at first, I'd only work a couple days here or there, but then those companies started requesting me by name - because they had been impressed with my work ethic and skill. At the companies that had repeatedly requested me, I went to the hiring manager or HR director and inquired about available jobs at the company. If there werent any that I'd be qualified for (there wasnt), I asked them to write a letter of recommedation if they thought that they would hire me for the position I was temping for if it ever became permanently available. I usually made $8-11/hr working as a secretary, receptionist, data entry....I worked at one place for over two years as a temp and really liked it there. They didn't want to direct hire though and there were issues with the hours (2nd shift) since my son was starting school, so I looked around and posted my resume I went to many interviews, and I know I bombed some of them. When the companies called to tell me that I didnt get the position (or when they didnt call at all, I'd call them), I asked what I could have done differently that might have increased my chances of getting the job. Some were happy to explain my shortcomings to me, and others brushed me off. I took what I learned though and applied it to other interviews and got a couple of offers. I took the best one - it wasn't the highest paying though - but offered hours I could work with (830-530) and a great benefits package - with medical starting within 7 days of my hire date (which I needed to keep myself and my son on some sort of insurance!). I've been at this company hired on salary for about 16 months now.

My advice would be to go through a temp agency (I have used Kelly Services (didnt like them much), Crown Services (got the 2yr gig through them). I got some interview experience through Aerotek, but none of the jobs panned out. While you are temping (some income is better than none), continue to look for a full time permanent position. if you interview and dont get the job - asky why you didnt. Sometimes they will tell you, but usually they will say something generic like "we found a better qualified candidate" - it doesnt hurt to ask. Other moms suggested taking some sort on enrichment class and that could really help you. I know its hard finding time (and money!) to take classes when you're a single mom and trying to find a job. Some temp agencies offer classes for free if you're going through them looking for work. Also - many temp agencies do a lot of temp-to-hire positions. A lot of big companies only hire employees pre-screened through a temp agency (you get a background check and drug test as part of working for an agency). I liked it - I got to try out several different kinds of jobs working as a temp.

Good luck.... just keep trying - and try to apply anything you learn to your next interview... eventually something will come your way (hopefully sooner than later!)



answers from Chicago on

Try a temp agency for now, like Manpower? They can give u advice on your resume. Also, consider taking evening classes to make it look like you are trying to improve yourself. Employers always like seeing that. Manpower offers career enhancement courses as well. There are lots of temp agencies out there too, besides Manpower. The best luck to you and your daughter. It must be so frustrating for you, but remember, persistence is key and you WILL find a job as long as you are persistent in your search.



answers from Chicago on


I know how you feel. I am a stay at home mom who has worked as a Administrative Assistant for 11 years. I quit my job four years ago to be with my baby.

It is almost impossible to find a job in our situation. I have sent lots of resumes, I get the interviews, and then they don't call anymore or just send me a letter saying they hire somebody else.

Why? Because they just look a the big gap in my resume. I think I will have to start all over and go back to college in order to find a decent job. For me, it is not worth it taking a clerical job that pays $7 an hour when I have to pay for daycare.

Please check these websites:

Good luck to you. :-)

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