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Updated on December 06, 2015
K.C. asks from Belleville, IL
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Ok, where do I begin. I was thin until I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 55 pounds with that pregnancy. I gave birth in March '05 and by May I lost 25 pounds. I started weight watchers and by December I had lost another 55 pounds. I was super excited. I was lower than what I was when I got married. About a year went by when I was diagnosed with depression. My doctor put me on fluoxetine (generic for prozac). When I look back, that is actually when I started to put the weight back on. I was on fluoxetine for about 4 or 5 months when I found out I was pregnant with my second son. My doc took me off the meds but after about 3 months of being off them, I was miserable. I asked my OB to put me back on them. Fluoxetine is one of the safer drugs to take while pregnant. Obviously, not taking any is best. But I couldn't handle it anymore. I figured it was better to take the low dosage of fluoxetine than have a stressful and miserable pregnancy. I gained 52 pounds with my second pregnancy. Once I gave birth, my doc up'd my dosage to what I was on before I was pregnant. My second son was born in May of '07. Since then I have battled with my weight constantly. At one point I had cut my calories to 1000 a day and was working out at the gym 5 or 6 days a week. Each visit to the gym, I would do 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill or elipical) and then 20-30 minutes of weight training. I did this for a stretch of 6 weeks and never shed even one pound. I was devastated! I didn't know where to turn. After a while, I went to the doctor crying asking for help. I told her that I didn't know if my weight was making me depressed or if my depression was the fault of the weight gain. I just didn't understand. It did not make any sense to me. She decided to switch my depression medicine to Wellbutrin XL. She told me that the number one complaint from women was weight gain and once gained, it was almost impossible to get off once they were on depression medication. I told her that I was going to the gym. I told her my past experience with weight watcher and how it helped me. However, I can't do both the gym and weight watchers. I can't afford it. So she told me that she would always prefer her patients to exercise veruses something like weight watchers. She also tested my thyroid and it's normal. I have now been on Wellbutrin for almost two months. I also cut my calories back down to 1200 or less a day plus exercising at least 3 times a week. Again my workout includes 30 minutes of cardio and 20-30 minutes of weight training. I am happy to say that I have lost a tiny bit...but not enough. Not to what I expect from how hard I've been trying. I need to lose about 47 more pounds to get to where I want to be. I'm going to Las Vegas in October for a wedding and really would want the bulk of this weight off by then. I know nothing is going to happen overnight. I just figured that with how overweight I am, the pounds would be coming off faster than they are. So does anyone else have or had this problem and know how to go about fixing it? Does anyone have and suggestions or advice? Any ideas? I've tried about everthing I can think of to help myself get this weight off. So please send anything that you have tried and worked.

Thank you in advance and god bless!

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answers from St. Louis on

I understand what you are going through! Weight gain is miserable, and going through it with depression would be even harder. I am on weight watchers also, and that really helped me. One of the things that they say is if you eat too little your metabolism slows down and you lose less. Do you still have your papers and things from WW? If not, I recommend quitting the gym, going to weight watchers (or joining WW online...I think it is cheaper) and exercising at home or outside. You can buy weights pretty cheap at wal-mart and you can always go outside and walk for cardio. If you are that motivated to go to the gym everyday, then you will probably do just as well at home. I lost a good chunk of my weight on weight watchers without any exercise. However, I do feel a lot better about myself since I started exercising.



answers from Columbus on

The greatest thing I had found on this problem is mummy magic tea. I wonderfully lost my weight in a week. REALLY GOOD;)



answers from St. Louis on

Try the "Fat Flush Plan". You can probably get it at the library. It is amazing.

good luck!!

L. C.



answers from St. Louis on

Hang in there. I have also had problems with weight loss after pregnancy. I am sorry you are going through all of this. I only lose about a pound a week and sometimes nothing each week (but I don't gain either)! It seems like after about a month I hit a stride where my body knew I was working to lose and it was a little easier. Slow weight loss is the healthiest and easiest to maintain. I started working on my weight in January and have lost 28lbs. Hang in there, the weeks start to add up to bigger results.

Have fun at the wedding and don't give up. It is such a hard battle that you can succeed at.



answers from St. Louis on

Have you tried slowly lowering your Wellbutrin doses. Exercise it's self is a great anti depressant. Perhaps you may not need them as much or at all if you continue to workout.

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