weight gain during pregnancy

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Weight Gain with Second Pregnancy Is Out of Control!

Also, what story are you telling yourself about your weight gain during this pregnancy? Are you not wanting to gain as much as your first one? ...

Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Has anyone else experienced joint pain during pregnancy. I have not gained any weight, yet, so it is not due to weight gain. Respond to Question ...

Pregnancy Emotions; Weight Gain

And as for weight gain, the average woman gains about 30 lbs. during pregnancy. You're 23 weeks along - so about 17 more lbs on top of your ten has you ...

What Are My Exercise Limitations During Pregnancy?

Take this time to get yourself into a routine for working out and maintain the weight that you will gain during your pregnancy. As other moms mentioned, ...

Pregnant and Feeling Fat

With both of my pregnancies, I noticed that I gained a ton of weight some months and not as much weight the next month. .... Weight Gain During Pregnancy ...

Eating Organic Probiotic Yogurt During Pregnancy

Probiotics are a great idea especially during pregnancy. ... it was as easy as good nutrition and weight gain we would have a lot less pre-term deliveries. ...

Weight and Pregancies

And if you need to gain weight, well now is the time to eat well. Whatever your situation, mama needs to feed herself the .... Weight Gain During Pregnancy ...

Exercise / Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Typical weight gain from other two pregnancies is about 35-45 pounds -- when .... I was never a yoga person, but for some reason loved it during pregnancy. ...

Scoliosis & Back Pain During Pregnancy

I'm also guessing that my weight gain does not help, as extra weight tends to make scoliosis worse. During my pregnancy, I walked 2.5 miles a day. ...

How Much Weight Is Too Much??

Many people who do gain too much weight during pregnancy do so becasue they think that weight gain is constant throughout pregnancy when it is not. ...
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  • only gained 10 lbs in 2 answers "... I think you are doing better than great if you have only gained 10 lbs!"
  • gain too much weight in 2 answers "Many people who do gain too much weight during pregnancy do so becasue they think ..."
  • only in your first trimester in 2 answers "Since you are only in your first trimester I hate to tell you this but you are only ..."
  • alleviate some of the pain in 3 answers "... be able to show you positions which can hopefully alleviate some of the pain."
  • gained a ton of weight in 2 answers "... mother has 7 children and during the first 6 pregnancies gained a ton of weight."