Underwear for a Small Toddler?

Updated on June 14, 2010
A.L. asks from Willow Springs, IL
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I've just started potty training my 28 month old son and have been looking for toddler briefs in advance, for when he's fully trained, but can't seem to find anything small enough. He's size 3T. Any suggestions?

Thanks ~ A.

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So What Happened?

Thanks mamas for all your responses!

We live in the middle of nowhere so don't have many options when it comes to shopping in store, that's why I was freaking out cos the smallest underwear online seemed to start at 4/5! I guess our Walmart only has a limited stock because I can't find any of the underwear you're all suggesting :o(

However, I had a dentist appointment out of town today and came across some Faded Glory toddler briefs at another Walmart. They're size 2T/3T and I've just tried them on my son and they fit perfectly!! Now we just have to get him potty trained haha!

Oh and thanks for some of your potty training tips too, I'm going to try them out.

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answers from Las Cruces on

Sometimes the 2T/3T briefs are in the baby/toddler section of the store. At least that is where I found them at Target and WalMart.

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answers from Phoenix on

Target has some in the baby section. I think they go up to 3T or 4T. There are comfy, soft white ones or the ones with Spiderman or Sponge Bob on them that my son will not wear because they are not soft and are itchy.

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answers from St. Louis on

Target has them for sizes 2T-3T and my daughter is 30 lbs and around 38 inches tall and they fit her perfectly. $8.99 for 7 pairs (Diego, Elmo) or $7.99 for 6 pairs of the Hanes. Can you tell I was just there yesterday? LOL. You can also find them on Amazon.com. I also like the Gerber ones (white - sold in 3 pairs/pack) becuase they have extra padding incase there are accidents. I also like the Gerber training pants (plastic) to cover regular underwear. They trap the pee so it doesn't get the pants/legs/chairs/etc so sopping wet!!

I recommend setting a timer for 30 mins at first and having him try every time it goes off. This way, the 'timer' is telling him to go and not you. I did that and it worked wonders with my daughter. I also gave her an m-n-m for trying, peeing and pooping and slowly just 'forgot' to give them to her and now she's 34 months old and goes when she needs to without being told or asked!



answers from Phoenix on

I just potty trained my 26 month old twins and got underwear for them at Target. My son weighs 23lbs so a tiny 2T and the 2T-3T briefs I got at Target fit him fine.



answers from Seattle on

Have you tried the toddler section at Macy's, Target, or WalMart? You should also be able to find the right size at babyGAP or Gymboree, though the specific store you go to may temporarily be out of stock.



answers from Phoenix on

I always found the best selection at Walmart. I also found that getting a size or two larger than what they would normally wear was helpful until they got the hang of pulling them off and on. The elastic waistband can be a little tricky for them at first. :) Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

The Gerber training pants (underwear just no pocket and a softer thicker cotton) go down to size 18months.

My son still likes to wear those some times (there a few random pairs floating around in his drawers) and he's four (in underwear since 25 months). He says they feel "cozy."



answers from Dallas on

I bought 3T at Wal Mart. I used the characters as a potty training tool. I bought baby girl princess panties and told her not to pee on Cinderalla. I told my son not to pee on Spiderman. They thought that was funny, but it really helped. What I had trouble finding were the plastic training pants. Do they even make those anymore? lol



answers from Jacksonville on

They should be easy enough to find. Where have you looked that you didn't find any? All the major retailers,WALMART, KMART, TARGET all carry them. If you don't find them check Baby's R 'Us and Online. HAPPY UNDIES HUNTING, C.



answers from Phoenix on

Ditto on the Target 2T/3T but someone said they were in the big kid section. At my Target in AZ, they are in the infant section where they have washcloths, bath products, diapers, etc. We got Diego, Wonder Pets and Thomas undies and he looooves them. He turned 3 in April. He loves to go with me to pick them out, by the way.



answers from Phoenix on

Both Wal-mart & Target carry them in 2T and up. You can find them in the baby section with all the baby stuff. My 2 year old is potty training as well and that is where we get his Toy Story, Diego, Sponge Bob and all the other characters he's likes.



answers from Anchorage on

Walmart has them as small as 2T back in the infant/baby section.



answers from Honolulu on

Use the "Gerber Training Pants" which you can get from Walmart or online at Amazon. It goes up to size 3T.
It is slightly padded in the middle... and that is what i used for my daughter and now my son.

It comes in a 3-pack and is reasonable.

You can even get it from E-bay.

As for regular underwear... E-bay has lots of choices.

good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Target sells underwear sized 2T-3T (that is one size) and it runs fairly small. My son just turned 3 and can normally wear a 3T in pants and shirts, but that underwear was too small. We had to buy him 4T instead.

http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao - summer sale going on now!



answers from Phoenix on

Hanes makes a size 2T-3T and also Gerber has a 3T as well. I bought some for my son who is 19 months old and already potty trained. He has two older brothers and wants to do everything they do so he was easy.. The Gerber ones are at Babies R Us and area little thicker than regular underwear so if he has a little accident while you are out it will absorb a little better. I think I got the Hanes at Walmart or Target.

Also, if you are looking for a waterproof cover for when you go out.. I would suggest the Imse Visme swim diaper. I liked this much better than the Gerber plastic pants and they go on very easy. They are not noisy like the Gerber plastic pants either. Here is the site I ordered them from b/c Free Shipping :) I think they are true to size. I bought the size, SL, 24+months and my 19 month old son is 31 lbs. They fit him great.


Hope that helps !


answers from Fresno on

They have them at Target, but you have to look in the "big kids" section, not the toddler/baby section. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Toddler underwear is located in the baby aisles of Walmart, not the "children's" section. It's not exactly intuitive, but that's Walmart for you.

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