Traveling Alone with Toddler on Airplane-any Suggestions??

Updated on April 16, 2008
C.S. asks from McKinney, TX
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I have decided to take a trip home to Ohio with my 2 year old boy this summer and I'm hoping that I'm not going to regret it. What I'm most concerned about is logistically how I'm going to handle/carry everything I need. I'll need his car seat, diaper bag, portable dvd player for the plane ride, and then our 2 bags which I'll have to check. I don't think a stroller is going to be an option at this point. Have any of you moms braved traveling alone with an active toddler before?? If so I'd love to hear your wisdom. Thanks so much.

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I travel all the time with my son. The stroller actually makes it easier becasue I can load it up with everything and then check it planeside. Plus, I've found that some airports don't have high chairs... can you belive that! So, I use the stoller to feed him. I always check the car seat with the luggage. If you can't put the carseat on top of the stroller you can pull the straps out all the way and sling it over your back like a backpack. My last trip I had the giant carseat, a stroller, 2 bags, my non-walking son and diaper bag. It's not so bad once you get everything checked in. And, if you can do curb side check in... do it! Also, let him run around as much as he can before the trip. Lucklily Ohio is a short trip. Good luck!

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Hi C.,
I want to help but am pressed for time right now. Go to past requests and look for one titled "Air Travel with a Toddler" posted Wednesday April 9th, by Helen B. She had the same question and got a ton of good suggestions. I don't mean to sound like I'm brushing you off and not her but I wanted to help you too. My main advice is stay calm, if you stress out your son will too. Good luck and have fun on your trip!

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When we travel with my daughter I never take a car seat along it is just to much to handle. Ask your family to get one for you to leave there so you don't have to ever travel with one. Also you can check the rental car places I know we have rented one several times, but we rented a car as well. Take lots of colors, books, snacks and his favorite toy. I agree with the last post taking a stroller is so nice because you have tons of storage for all your gear. I hope this helped have a great trip.


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As far as walking through the airport with all that stuff, I think you'll be okay... If you can take a stroller, that may be nice, and do what the other mom said by chcking in the carseat.

Also, bring lots of snacks, and new things to keep your child busy.

An I Spy Bag and an Etch a Sketch are two things I can't live without when I need to keep my toddler quiet and still for long periods of time.

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