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Thomas the Train VS. Geo Trax

For his birthday (Nov 2) we got one of the Geo Trax airplane add-ons ..... out there for my little boy for his birthday and we ended up with the geotrax. ...

Suggestions Needed for Flying with a 9 Month Old.

I have a 3Y old boy and I traveled with him twice a year since he was 6 months old. ... Blankets for the always cold airplane ( I also used them to make a ..... Be sure he sucks & swallows on the way up & down so his ears don't hurt. ...

Flying with 16 Month old--Please Help!

We will be flying with our 16 month old son this week and it will be his first flight. I would do the benadryl ..... Flying on a Plane with 22 Month Old Boy ...

Do I Need a Carseat on a Plane?

I have read both suggestions about bringing a car seat on the plane for him. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? His car seat ...

Flying with 15 Month old....carseat?

Anyway, we like this contraption, particularly now that our boy is getting ... My first son was 6 months old when he went on his first airplane and it works ...

Advice for Air Travel with Infant

He is a very active boy and I would not have been able to have him in my lap the ..... Bring your infant seat with you all the way to the airplane and ask if they .... When my son was 1 yr. old we traveled to Florida, we brought his car ...

Flying with a One Year Old

On the plane you may want to pull out a new toy that will hold his interest for a while. ... Flying on a Plane with 22 Month Old Boy ...

Have You Ever Flown with a Pack 'N' Play?

It's easiest especially if you are checking other luggage, and you'll probably have enough to tote onto the plane between the boy and all his flight goodies ...

Advice on Flying with a Newborn

So all I had to carry was my bad and I put his diaper bad in the .... old little boy - and I can't imagine traveling on a plane with him alone right now! .... I took my daughter on a plane when she was 8 weeks old to meet up with my ...

Not Wanting to Go Potty at School

Oct 23, 2009 ... She will use public bathrooms (at the mall, on an airplane, etc), .... I know of another boy in the same grade that will not go at school either. ... My son would not go to the bathroom at ALL during his entire first ...
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  • geo trax set in 2 answers "I have an in-home daycare and our Geo Trax set gets played with every single day."
  • hold your baby on your lap in 2 answers "... was around this age, my best suggestion is to hold your baby on your lap."
  • during takeoff and landing in 3 answers "I was much more comfortable during takeoff and landing knowing that he was buckled ..."
  • portable dvd player in 5 answers "... and gave them 1 at a time-also, scotch tape, keys, and a portable DVD player ..."
  • prepared to sing his favorite in 2 answers "Otherwise, be prepared to sing his favorite song 101 times."