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Updated on April 05, 2010
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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Hello Moms, I am looking for ideas for a get away for my nusband and I. Probably about 3 or 4 days. We are up for flying to a destination. What I am looking for is an adult place, not X rated, just not Disneyland!! Somewhere quite but with interesting sights or activities, someplace to be alone and enjoy each other.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, M.

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answers from Houston on

One of my favorite places in the US is Monterey Bay in northern California. There is a great aquarium, yummy artichokes (from nearby Castroville), and some beautiful Redwood forests for hiking. Each evening the sunset is gorgeous and you can sit on the rocks with a glass of wine watching the seals and dolphins in the water. It is the home of Cannery Row and there are several historical sites to visit...and 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach.

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answers from Houston on

My husband and I loved the wine country in Napa and Sonoma, CA. Beautiful scenery, lots of wineries you can tour and there are also redwood forests nearby that you can hike in. We also drove to the coast one night for dinner so that we could see the beach. We went for a long weekend and it was enough time for all that I mentioned. We also walked around San Francisco (the pier area) the day we left, so I feel like we did it all!

If you're up for something more adventurous, there is always NYC or Boston. Love both of those cities as well, but you can't exactly "be alone and enjoy each other" in those cities. They are a bit more hustle and bustle. Whatever you decide....enjoy! I'm jealous! :-)

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answers from Dallas on

Our favorite is South Beach in Miami. It is adult, can be X rated but does not have to be. You must be open minded, there is a lot of different lifestyles there. We Love the place and I actually go every couple yrs or so by myself so it is relatively safe as well. We fly from DFW straight shot and take a cab to Ocean Blvd (about $40) and walk everywhere.

Napa Valley is a great place as well. LOVE the wine tasting and scenery.

NYC is fun, full of hustle and bustle so if you are looking for quiet time, not so much. Wonderful place to go.

Cabo San Lucas is nice but we are staying out of Mexico all together now due to security issues.

Of course, Dallas and San Antonio. Both have lots to do and are fun.




answers from Minneapolis on

Cancun, Mexico is a wonderful destination, and with a good deal, can be very affordable. Lots of adults only resorts to choose from which will pamper you both beyond belief and you will never hear the word "MOM!" :) The flight isn't bad at all and often is cheaper than flying stateside. Also, with the all inclusive packages, you can budget right up front and leave your wallet at home (basically) which is very relaxing to me.

Good luck in your search :)



answers from Kansas City on

Eureka Springs, Arkansas. San Francisco. Las Vegas. I agree with the other comment about New York City, but it is more hustle and bustle.
I see you are from Olathe, what about a room down on the Plaza. NO ONE has to know where you went. I've lived here my entire life but can tell you that I rarely just walk around the Plaza for fun or go to the Nelson unless it is as a chaperone for a kid's field trip.




answers from San Francisco on

I love the suggestions. you could fly into sacramento, ca and spend a day or two at the wineries and maybe go to lake tahoe. Not for gambling but for the scenery, drive, and wonderful hikes. It is beautiful up there, especially this time of year. If you go to Napa for wine tasting and want some good places let me know. I know of some great ones that are free tasting with beautiful views.



answers from Seattle on

Oh my gosh you have to look into Catalina Island! You'll take a boat from Long Beach out there because it doesn't have an airport and just about everywhere you need to go, you travel by golf cart. It's a great intimate place to be with your husband. Great tours (glass bottom boat, flying fish, tour of the island and so much more) and beautiful sight seeing. VERY laid back. If you book through an agency you can get great packages. A destination I plan on visiting again and hopefully more than once again in this lifetime.

Good luck finding the perfect get away!



answers from Washington DC on

My hubby and I are planning a trip for just us later this year. We're going to fly to Vegas for a L. weekend (Thursday - Sunday). I can't wait! I've been to Vegas once with a family I nannied for but he's never been (and I'm sure it will be a different experience going without nannying).



answers from Kansas City on

my husband and I love to go to Las Vegas. The hotels all have great pools, and there are shows for anything you might be interested in. We love renaissancy stuff, so we saw Tournament of Kings at Excalibur and had a great time. It's also fun to just walk around and eat there. :-)



answers from Kansas City on

Branson, Mo is our favorite getaway! It is very fun with lots to do as a couple. we stay on the lake and it is very awesome any time of year! Have fun wherever you choose!



answers from Detroit on

My husband and I go to a little bed and breakfast in Michigan near Houghton Lake that is couples only. It has a hot tub and fireplace in each room a balcony that looks out to a wooded area and the wild life come to feed at times. They serve you breakfast in your room each morning and there are NO PHONES in the rooms and no kids allowed. The couple that own it are great people. They have special rates/package deals also and they even have a place to eat/grill and the food is wonderful and you can get a voucher for that included in the price of your room I can't remember the cost. If you go tell them Kay and Buddy sent you. there is a lot of things to do around there also. They also have DVD, Video and CD player in each room. Before you go away on your "Grown Up" get away contact me in a personal reply and let me tell you about Arbonne's Unwind Massage Oil which is perfect for that special alone time at home and away not to mention it is great to put in the bath to help calm and relax kids and adults both so they can get a good night's sleep .



answers from Kansas City on

My husband & I spent four days in San Antonio. It was beautiful, entertaining, educational and FUN! The food was amazing and the people were kind. Great sites, shopping & food!!! :) Have fun wherever you go! :)



answers from Indianapolis on

If your open to out of US, Mexico has lots of adult only places. Otherwise our favs are Vegas and see a show or two or South Beach in Miami. South Beach has lots of great restaurants, bars (if you want) great outdoor shopping and restaurant area on Lincoln Blvd., and great walks on the beach.


answers from Boca Raton on

My husband and I go to Orlando every summer for 5 days by ourselves.. It's THE BEST.. We stay at the Hardrock Hotel (which is totally an adult party) and you have soooooooooooo many different things to do around you... They have the best restaurants in downtown disney.. Also, Cirque Di Soleil is right there. It's the MOST AMAZING show!!!!

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