Asked to Go on a Girl's Trip but Can't Decide Where in Continental US

Updated on February 09, 2014
S.M. asks from Phoenix, AZ
14 answers

We thought of Vegas for a spa day and maybe some shows. We don't drink and I have asthma so being around smoke makes me sick. Any good hotels or resorts you know of? We have Monday-Friday and will fly. My friend heard Vegas is cheap. Do you know of a better place?
After your posts, we have decided South Florida or CA. We don't have passports and are trying to go this month or the first week in May. Thank you.

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answers from Dallas on

I personally don't care for Vegas.

I do drink, we don't gamble, I do not smoke and I HATE smoke and I don't have breathing issues. I will not frequent any establishment if smoking is inside because it bothers me and then I feel like I have to shower afterwards to get the stink off me. I've been to Vegas a number of times on business trips and you have to go through the smoky casinos to get where you are going. On the other hand, my husband LOVES Vegas and would move there in a heartbeat.

My favorite go to spot for my personal alone vacation and with girlfriends is South Beach in Miami. I LOVE that place.

Since you are in AZ, how about a CA location such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Napa Valley? NYC is a great trip as well.

You get what you pay for, think twice about going so cheap.

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answers from Houston on

I am not a Vegas lover. I would go to Napa. Lots to do. Sonoma Mission Spa is fabulous!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I had a great time in Vegas. I don't gamble, drink or smoke and still had a fabulous time!! We went for a wedding and stayed at the Mandalay Bay. It was gorgeous and MUCH less smokey than many of the other hotels. Mandalay Bay is at the end of the strip, so you don't get tons of traffic through the lobby. There are tons of awesome shows and I do think it is very affordable:)

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answers from San Francisco on

One of the best girl's trips we did was New York City. SO much to do, and flights/hotel (at the time, about four years ago) were fairly cheap. We went to some great restaurants, shopped and saw Wicked on Broadway, it was so much fun!
Vegas is okay but if you don't drink or gamble I don't think it's worth it personally. I'd rather go to LA or San Diego for spa and beach fun.

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answers from Cleveland on

Vegas is cold in winter so if this is soon, no pool time! I don't gamble and while I drink, I certainly don't do the "clubs" anymore... But I love Vegas for the beautiful decor of the casinos at this point. Wynn is gorgeous, Bellagio too, Encore is eyecatching. And it is a bargain for what you get. So many restaurants, shows, shops, and spas and hotel rooms are big and nice. I agree some place like San Diego would be great too but if you do end up with Vegas, the smoke is really just on the casino floors and even there not too bad. They have sophisticaed ventilation now. You could stay some place like Vdara that doens't have a casino but is very new and next to a big resort, Aria. Vdara I believe has its own pool and is very nice with big suites but you don't have to walk through the casino floor. And it's less expensive. Red Rock is off the strip a fair ways away but also pretty new and very nice and is close to the hiking. If you're not going until spring, Napa isn't that far from you and of course beautiful and not much smoking!

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answers from San Francisco on

What about Sedona? That's near you =) Love the Enchantment Resort. Or, what about the Florida Keys? Las Vegas may not be your best pick if you can't handle the smoke. That's the one downside to Nevada. What about Taos, New Mexico? Lots of fun choices. ENJOY!



answers from New York on

Take a cruise. Try Royal Caribbean. It's wonderful. Try for their 90 day low rate ticker.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would go to L.A. (not so much San Diego......didn't find much fun to do there.)
L.A.'s weather would be warm, lots to do there etc.



answers from Honolulu on

Going to Vegas, there will be lots of smoke, and the air in the hotels are smokey.... and you have Asthma.
And you all don't drink.
I wouldn't go there.
Unless you all are into gambling.

How long... is this trip? Just a day? few days?
Then what is your budget?
Then, you all have to decide what kind of place you want to go to?
Or is it just based on what is the cheapest?
Do you want a city place? ie: New York?
A rustic place?
A country like place?
A place full of tourists?
A beach place?
Wine country?
Decide on what kind of things you all want to do and your budgets.

Or just Google Search "where are some cheap places to go in the Continental US."


answers from Norfolk on

I'd be happier with a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.



answers from San Francisco on

I am a smoker and it still bothers me to go into an establishment where people smoke. I guess you get used to a smoke-free indoor environment, even if you are a smoker!

I vote for Napa, except it's starting to rain pretty good around here and the Napa River does have a habit of flooding so not so sure it would be wise to go there at this time of year.

I love San Diego - it's absolutely beautiful and the weather is usually very mild. You could also consider Palm Springs but not sure how much there is to do there.

Of course, there's always San Francisco. Tons to do there!

Wherever you go, have a great time!



answers from Los Angeles on

Calistoga! Lots of spas!



answers from Albuquerque on

Flying to Vegas may be cheap (and you mostly can find good deals on hotels), but everything else adds up. Personally, I didn't really care for Vegas the *one time* I went (with DH for our anniversary--5days/4nights). We don't drink much, no luck at gambling, and really went for the shows (which were fantastic, but did add up $$).

For a better deal "spa retreat" what about Durango or Pagosa Springs Colorado? Or Ojo Caliente & Santa Fe, NM? All relatively close to you (in Phoenix). Looking for something further away: Tampa, FL, Napa, CA?

I'm much more low-key in my vacation planning (besides the recent 10-day trip to Disney World) and Vegas just really isn't my thing... :)



answers from Phoenix on

I just went on a Girl's Trip to New York that was amazing. We saw a Broadway show and visited some cool spots. We are planning on visiting San Francisco next. And I agree with the post below mine that Sedona is amazing. You can do some really beautiful hikes. It will be very relaxing.

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