Couples Vacation (A Little for Fun a Little for Inspiration)

Updated on November 05, 2013
J.L. asks from Chino Hills, CA
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So I want to do a vacation for me and the hubs. We have done amazing family vacations but haven't done just the 2 of us since before kids (really our honeymoon over 10 years ago). Kids are 6 and 8 so I figured the timing is a-ok. If you could go on vacation with your significant other where would you go and what would you do? Your budget is about $2000. You have passports. You could drive or fly. (we live in southern california but I think with the budget, flying is doable) I am thinking between valentines day and spring break or after spring break before school gets out. We have been talking about doing many things from Hawaii, to vegas, to New York, to a cruise and I feel we are a little all over the place. Hopefully you all have some ideas or things you liked to do. Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hearst castle and Cambria. Romantic and easy. Carmel and stay in a romantic lodge on the sand. Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Hawaii is one of our favorites, especially in the time frame you mention because I love to go on the whale watches in Maui.

However, with your budget.... I would probably head toward San Francisco and Napa Valley. We LOVED a trip to Napa and visiting all of the wineries, spending time in San Francisco, walking in the Muir Woods and everything else about san Francisco.

We also enjoyed Pebble Beach and Carmel. I don't think you would have to be a golfer to enjoy the beautiful area. The Spa a Pebble Beach was fantastic and then I accompanied my hubby on a round of golf (I don't play but I love the scenery).

We've had a couple of wonderful trips to New York but your budget and time of year might not play into that very well.

One of my favorite places in the US is also South Beach in Miami. I LOVE that place.

Have fun, whatever you choose!

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answers from Santa Fe on

A couple years ago my husband and I went on a vacation together to Tulum, Mexico. We loved it! It's not a resort area which we really liked. We saw amazing Mayan ruins, took an eco tour of the Sian Kaan biological reserve that was gorgeous, snorkled, kayaked, ate good food and relaxed.

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answers from Detroit on

Ditto SF, with overnight stays in the wine country and hikes on the northern beach, drives along the coast, and walks in Muir Woods.

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answers from Houston on

With that budget, I would take a road trip to San Francisco. The city is magical to me. I love the nostalgic Haight/Ashbury. I like the ride to Alcatraz. I like the picnic parks. The chocolate factory, the crooked street... You can park the car and dang near walk the entire city. Best wishes.

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answers from Dallas on

Our 20th anniversary is in March, and we have about the same budget. :)

We've decided to go to Boston! We wanted to go somewhere that neither of us have ever been before, so that eliminated many of our options. We both like the idea of being able to walk everywhere even though it will still be cold, and we both love history. Also, I teach AP English (The Crucible), and can't wait to go to Salem, too! I know it will be cheesy, but I have to visit!!

We go on a wonderful family vacation every summer with our boys (9 and 15) and have spent a weekend together here and there, but always somewhere near home. We haven't gone on a real vacation with just the two of us in about 11 or 12 years. We are soooo excited!

I hope you have a great vacation, too!! :)


answers from Erie on

Wow. 10 years?

We'd take a cruise with that budget, it's something we've always wanted to do, and we would take every measure possible to get the best room we could. Or a train trip across the country, I've only done it once and would love to do it again.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My idea was already mentioned. But my DH and I stayed in Healdsburg north of Sonoma in a bed and breakfast, and spent a long weekend touring wineries. It was great. We plan to do it again this coming spring.

We didn't really spend time in San Francisco, because we'd been there before, and also because we wanted relaxation, not an on-the-go city (which is why we also didn't consider places like Vegas or New York). We have enough 'on-the-go' at home.


answers from San Francisco on

From So Cal, I'd do Hawaii for sure. We LOVE Hawaii, and try to go about every 3, 4 years or so. We may even end up retiring there.
I'd do NYC with girlfriends but not the hubby. I love the shows and nightlife but he's a morning person and turns into a pumpkin well before midnight.
Though if you guys have never been to NY I HIGHLY recommend it, it's an amazing place.
Or you could come up here to San Francisco, this is a beautiful place too, and if you like wine we're only an hour away from Napa Valley :-)



answers from Chicago on

I think I would go somewhere that you wouldn't bring the kids . We love Napa , Playa del Carmen , Mexico , would love to go to Hawaii . I hate Vegas because it feels unromantic to me , kind of violating actually (just my opinion).
New York is expensive and kind of cold . A cruise could be fun ! I would go after spring break and easter break before school gets out for the best weather . Actually wine country and San Francisco would be nice then . Have a wonderful time whatever you decide !



answers from Rochester on

We love Maui! It is a little quieter than the other islands, but it has a little of everything. And going during that time between Valentines and spring break is perfect for whale watching! We did a really fun sunset whale watch on Valentines Day. Everything in Hawaii is expensive though. I'd do some research about what it will cost for hotel, food, and fuel to be sure it all fits in your budget.

Personally, I hate Vegas. The cigarette smoke, noise, and crowds were not enjoyable for me at all.



answers from Boston on

We went to the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon and had an amazing time. We checked out the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Vegas while we were in the area as well.

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