Tempurpedic Ergo Headboard?

Updated on June 29, 2013
C.J. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi there,
My husband and I are picking up a KING sized Tempurpedic ergo mattress this weekend. (the two sides adjust and go up and down independently of one another).
Does anyone know if I can use a regular headboard and footboard? I did an internet search and all I found were the actual Tempurpedic head boards (ugly) or questions about making headboards.

I would love a sleigh bed style of a large heavy wood (no canopy) like they sell at RH or PB.

Any info you have on this would be very helpful!

(PS because I know we all like to be helpful, I will not be considering another type of bed as this is a free one from his parents - yay- almost new and they never used a headboard, but they never did before either so I am stumped.)


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So What Happened?

Thank you, Thank you! This has been so helpful. I am going to my fave furniture store later this week to price the beds we like. This will make things go much smoother with all your advice.

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My husband & I bought a similar type of bed last Fall, also king size (split king, adjustable, like yours). We already had a nice hardwood frame (head board, side rails, & foot board) & we wanted to use it with the new bed. However, it was a bit of a challenge. The company we bought it from (Mattress Firm) had to special order extenders for the legs of the adjustable base in order to get the base high enough to fit into the wood frame. The downside is that the surface of the bed is very high. For my husband who is 6 feet tall, this is not a problem. But for me, at 5'5", it's almost like mounting a horse in order for me to get into bed. Getting out of bed is no problem. We are in our early 50's now but if we keep this bed for very many years, "mounting the horse" may get to be an issue. I know there are workarounds for that but will cross that bridge when we get to it. Good luck & hope this helps!

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Any type of king sized bed frame (with headboard and/or footboard) will be fine, just don't put the slats in the bottom of the frame, as the powerbases (which are what raise and lower the bed) have their own support. You'll just place the powerbases resting on the ground within the bed frame and set the mattress on top.

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My husband who works for a major mattress company (MF)said A sleigh bed is a headboard/footboard bed set so they wouldn't need extra brackets. The base will fit inside the frame. They will have to remove the slats and would also need leg extenders for the base to clear the rails on the bed set. Hope this helps😊 feel free to message me if you have any other questions

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