Converting a 3/4 Bed to Full Size

Updated on July 18, 2010
S. asks from Dallas, TX
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I bet someone out there has the answer! I bought a beautiful iron frame antique bed some time ago and discovered, after buying full size mattresses, that it is actually a 3/4 bed. It's a very tight fit for the full size mattresses, because this bed frame is shorter both in length and width. But the worst part is, because of the way the rails are, the mattresses sit really high off the ground! This bed is for my 6 year old daughter. I would love to find a way to make it a little longer, so I don't struggle to make the bed up, and lower, so it is easier and safer to get on and off. It becomes a guest bed for company, and twice, I've had friends who really struggle to get on! Any ideas out there?

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answers from Houston on

I converted my sons crib to a full size bed when he turned 3. But, like you I felt the standard boxspring and mattress was too high. So, I bought what is called a bunkie board instead of a box spring. It is about an inch thick but very sturdy! My husband or I have slept in the bed with him sometimes and no problem. We bought it at USA Baby for about 100.00 I think. Now I don't worry about him falling so far to the floor (If he does roll out- now he is 4 1/2 and is too big for rails :) ) and it is just his size to get in and out of. Many of my neighbors have done the same thing. (It just like what goes on bunk beds) Not many places have this and when I checked around USA Baby had the best and sturdiest. Good luck!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

I don't know how the frame is set up. But if the side rails come off you can go to any furniture store a buy a new set of rails. They're usually anywhere from $15 to $30. As for the height you could try getting one of those pretty wooden step stools to make it easier to get in. As so your daughter doesn't fall out you can get those side rails that fit under the mattress. It's real easy to remove them to make up the bed and they run anywhere from $17-$50. Hope this helps.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

I live in Corpus Christi and we have a place that will customize a mattress for you. I'm sure you could find a place like that where you live.

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answers from Austin on

Hi S.!
We were in the same situation when we inherited an old bed from a family member. They don't make 3/4 size mattresses anymore unless it is a custom order, which is very expensive and then you can't get sheets to fit. So...Simply discard the sides of the bed and screw the headboard and footboard into an adjustable bed frame (usually given out free when you buy a matress). If the holes don't line up properly, you could mount a 2/4 in-between and this would lengthen the bed anyway. Cover the box spring with a bed skirt and that will hide the mismatched sides.

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answers from Charleston on

I am looking for a similar answer. I have an antique bed that came with modern bed rails that make the bed too long. Does this mean that it is a 3/4 size bed? The issue I am having is that the footboard, which is my favorite part of the bed, is curved so that the mattress is supposed to sit right into the curved areas (this link is a bed with a similar footboard:
Does anyone know how I can get the bed rails shortened or find something that will help? Thanks!

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