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Updated on July 03, 2008
S.L. asks from Houston, TX
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It's me again and I have been trying to get involved in the teacher certification program but I don't know how to go about it or even some counseling. I 'm currently in grad. School majoring in Counseling so if anyone have any information please let me know.

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Check with Region IV Education Center in Houston. I received my alternative certification through them 14 years ago. I have several friends who teach with me who also went through Region IV. You might also try ACT Houston. I have mentored a few teachers who went through that program. Best of luck to you!



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Hey there-

I was kinda in the same boat as you not too long ago. Recently moving to Texas from NJ was very confusing with the whole certification process. I also hold a BS...after doing some research, I found one place to be the best....Texas Teachers! Some places will only allow you to choose a specific subject area ONLY if you have x amount of credit hours in that certain subject. They actually come across as making you think that is "Texas Policy"....but not the case. Being a Psychology major, that seemed impossible. However, @ Texas Teachers, they let you get certified in "any" area as long as you have a 4 year degree and can pass the test of course. I just finished my training in the spring...lasted 2 months.

Check out the website....I think they have some classes starting for the summer session. Best thing of all...as long as you register with them (even if it's before the classes start), they will sponsor you for the test. That means if you PASS...then start looking for a job. I already have a job with Katy ISD for the fall. They REALLY work with you!!!!


Best of luck!!!



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I don't know which school district you are interested in but here is a link that will provide you with some info on the Certification Program for HISD.
Hope this is what you were looking for:


I do know that there is a test that is required called the THEA but you can find info on that through the link above.

Good luck!



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I recently completed my teacher certification program with ACT Houston. I strongly recommend the program it's fairly quick and painless. The claases only last for about a month and once you complete your internship at a school and pass the state exams you are good to go. The program cost about $3500 but oncc you get on with a school, they will do payroll deductions so it's easier to manage your money. I hope this helps. Your'e in a good field. Schools always need Counselors!

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