Surprise Gender....was Your Guess Right?

Updated on July 13, 2011
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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We decided not to find out the gender of our 3rd baby. It has been SO fun not knowing, and we are SO excited to see what it is in just a few weeks! I am completely convinced that this baby is a boy. The name feels more "comfortable" to me than our girl name, the blue onesies just seem to be calling me, haha! So curious!

So tell me....was your guess right?

(Don't get me wrong, we will be equally thrilled with a girl. We have one of each already!)

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So What Happened?

I was WRONG! We had a GIRL!! She's perfect, and we love her so much!

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answers from Washington DC on

With my first one I was convinced it was a boy, and I was wrong it was a girl. With my second one I was convinced it was a girl, and I was right, and with the last I thought girl, and I was right. So 2 out of 3 is not too bad.


answers from Portland on

I thought I was going to have a boy, my exMIL said nope I bet it'll be a girl. At 6 months I called and told her she wins haha. I had to know, so I knew whether to think of a girl name or not lol.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was right on all 3!

Congrats on baby!

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answers from St. Louis on

I guessed with each of my three kids and was wrong each time. I don't play the lottery either.

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answers from Seattle on

Nope! And I was really, really sure.



answers from Phoenix on

Nope! Wrong both times!! With my first, I thought it would be a girl because I always assumed I would have girls. My mom is one of three girls, I am one of three girls, my husband has 4 older sisters. When DH told me that it was Max (not Phoebe), I was floored!! Then my second pregnancy was totally different from my first...different cravings and aversions, longer morning sickness, you name it. So this one must be a girl. Then Colton was born, and my husband says "yup, I only make boys"! I adore my boys now...and actually worry that if we had a third it would be a girl and I wouldn't know what to do with her!!
I loved the surprise, and I hope you have a wonderful birth AND surprise!!



answers from Syracuse on

Yes, and I was right both times...two boys :)



answers from Kansas City on

Yes we were right!! We did not find out with both of our boys, and it is so fun waiting and wondering what the sex is, and equally as fun waiting for the doctor to announce it to you once you have given birth!! I hope you are right too!!! Congrats!



answers from Chicago on

I did the chinese gender calendar, read all the wives tales about predicting the sex. My husband and i were convinced we were having our son. Bought boys baby clothes, luckily painted the room sage :) Well of course...WE WERE WRONG! As she entered the world he looked at me and said "Babe its a girl!" I gave a low "NOOOOOO" & had my doctor laughing hysterically!!!

She is 4 yrs old now & the best thing to ever happen to us!!! It really is fun not knowing!! LOL


answers from Houston on

yes, i did that with my second child, SO EXCITING!....and i was the only one that guessed right.

Im sad i wont be able to wait to find out this time, if i am pregnant with my first boy i need to know so i can plan the heck out of that!



answers from Kansas City on

I did not find out with my third pregnancy and the entire time I said it was a BOY. I had already given birth to two girls and this pregnancy was so very different. I told everyone that I was 100% sure it was a BOY. My husband said from the beginning that it was a GIRL. Well of course, my husband was right! We have three beautiful girls! So, no I did not guess right at all!!!
Congratulations and be sure to let us know what you have!



answers from Iowa City on




answers from Utica on

I am currently pregnant (9 weeks) with baby number 2 and I think its a boy. I have a daughter (19 months) and even though we found out and knew it was a girl I knew the minute I thought about it in early pregnancy that it was a girl. I think we as the mother have this instint and feeling that no one else does. I remember going to the ultrasound to find out the sex and saying that if they try to tell me there is a boy in there I will hit the floor. I just knew without a doubt she was girl and I was right. We plan to find out the sex of this baby as well but I have a feeling that its a boy (mind you this feeling is no where near as strong as it was when I was pregnant with my daughter) So I guess we shall she
Congrats on the baby


answers from Dallas on

I found out, but I guessed 1st and wrote it down. I was right both times.


answers from Chicago on

Congrat's on baby number 3! I have three kid's too! With my first we found out what we were having-a girl! But with our second and third we just left it in god's hands! Now while I was pregnant with baby #2 I was convinced it was a girl and her name was going to be Jenna, and everytime I would buy clothing that was, or what I thought for both gender's looked more boy'ish lol...It WAS a boy! And with my 3rd we thought it was a boy but it was a beautiful girl! I did'nt buy anything for my 3rd until the last week, it was all yellow, yet the tagg's are still on them in sitting in our attic! One thing I rember the day I delivered my 3rd was the nurse's were soo shocked as to how happy my husband and I were only because she knew we had an older daughter, we cried like little babie's! It's much more fun to find out the sex of the baby the day you deliver him/her, I even delivered my son and daughter with no med's or epidural! Don't ask me how I did it but I did! The most important part to us was that the babie's were healthy. Hope you come back and let us know if it was a boy or girl! Hope you have a smooth and healthy delivery! Blessings!


answers from Kansas City on

Yes. Well, I didn't wait until the birth though. We were going to wait until the birth to find out the gender. But once we found out I was carrying twins we knew it was girls because I had dreamt almost 2 years earlier that we'd be having twin girls. So, we didn't mind them "telling" us. Does mine count as "guessing" right? :)


answers from Dover on

With my son, we couldn't tell. I carried like a boy and thought I was having a boy and I did. With my girl, couldn't tell at first. Later we could but even before that I was carrying differently and felt it was a girl.

So, yes, I was right both times.



answers from Beaumont on

Yes, I was right. I wasn't sure until the last 3 months, then I was positive!



answers from Dallas on

No. I just knew it was a girl b/c the pregnancy was so different from when I had a boy. It was a pleasant surprise though, I wanted another boy!

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